March 1, 2024


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Dakota Johnson defends her sleeping habits: 'I'm not a monster'

Dakota Johnson defends her sleeping habits: 'I'm not a monster'

New Marvel star Dakota Johnson is one of our most charming celebrities, thanks to her refusal to never apologize for her status as Hollywood's “nepo baby,” her sarcastic sense of humor, and sweet candor. Now, the actress has expertly continued her knockout talk show appearances by addressing her viral sleeping habits.

During an interview on Tonight show On Monday night, Madame Web The star addressed the recent viral uproar after she said The Wall Street Journal She can sleep “easily” for 14 hours a night. The speech that followed was predictable: What a spoiled princess of the highest order; Ordinary people can never sleep for long!

“What's the deal?” host Jimmy Fallon asked her. “Do you like to sleep 14 hours a night?”

“I didn't say it that way,” Johnson protested. “I said I could easily sleep for 14 hours, but I don't demand it. I'm not a monster. I own it job!

“It sparked a whole controversy,” Fallon noted. “Is that too much sleep? Is that enough? Who can do this?”

“Why is sleep bad?” Johnson responded. “Like why? Leave me alone! I'm just sleeping! I'm literally doing nothing.”

However, she continued to brag about her epic sleep schedule by adding: “I don't even need to take anything to sleep like that. I think if I took Ambien I'd wake up next year for example.”

Johnson told last month magazine– In a profile titled “Dakota Johnson Likes to Sleep 14 Hours a Night” – she said she couldn't function during the day unless she slept for at least 10 hours. “Sleep is my number one priority in life,” she said at the time.

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As well as various publications question Whether it's due to oversleeping, others on social media have accused Johnson of being out of touch with reality. claim That her sleeping habits were a sign that she “didn't have any responsibilities in real life.”

“I would sleep all day too, if I had money like hers, a cook, a maid, and a gardener,” one user said. chirp. “It must be nice to get 6 hours of sleep. I work 3 jobs just to get a good salary. I'm exhausted. I'm glad she gets 15 hours of rest a day.”

However, based on her comments to Fallon, it appears Johnson isn't losing any sleep over this ridiculous rhetoric.