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‘Danger!’  Host Ken Jennings is under fire for joking about elderly people

‘Danger!’ Host Ken Jennings is under fire for joking about elderly people


Ken Jennings has landed in some hot water.

On last night’s episode of “Jeopardy!” Jennings made a remark about people in assisted living facilities that offended some viewers, and they were quick to air their complaints on social media.

During the interview portion of the game show, which is currently airing the Champions Wildcard Tournament, the host was speaking with contestant Jen Jazwinski, who talked about her grandmother.

She said that in one of her previous appearances on the program, she mentioned how important her grandmother was to her and what she did for her.

“When she did that, her whole house that she lives in was watching, and they stood up and gave her a standing ovation during that part of the show,” she told Jennings last night. “So that was a special moment for her and for me.”

On the other hand, Jennings said: “This is wonderful. It means a lot in assisted living. Standing: It’s not easy. . . For all those people, I guess.

Jaswinski ended up winning the match, but many viewers commented on Jennings’ remark.

On the final episode of “Jeopardy!” Ken Jennings made a remark about people in assisted living facilities that offended some viewers.
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One person tagged “Danger!” An account on

Another viewer said: “@KenJennings is ignoring seniors tonight 11/09/23 when responding to Jen who said the residents of her grandmother’s house stood up and applauded her win. He said they’re old and it’s hard to stand. He should apologize. @Jeopardy he’s promoting himself on He’s a good Mormon, no.

“You used to be able to laugh at Ken’s joke about assisted living,” another mused. “In the 90s when I was a teenager or in my 20s, I used to laugh. Now I find myself having mixed emotions.”

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While some people said the joke was funny, one fan called his comment “disgusting,” and another assumed the show “might be getting letters” for what he said.
ABC via Getty Images

One comment read: “@KenJennings made a joke about people in supported living and I didn’t know whether to laugh or complain, so I did both.” To further illustrate their point, they used the hashtags “funny” and “tasteless.”

While some people said the joke was funny, another fan called his comment “disgusting,” and another assumed the show “might get letters” for what he said.

A rep for Ken Jennings did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

“Ken Jennings made another wheelchair joke on Jeopardy tonight lol,” another person wrote, referring to the former champion’s previous controversy years ago.

In 2014, he wrote in a since-deleted tweet: “There is nothing sadder than a hottie in a wheelchair.”

It didn’t get much attention at the time, but it resurfaced in 2018, and Jennings responded to the backlash, writing: “I’ve never been publicly flogged for this but have personally apologized to the angry/affected people who reached out.” out in person. It was such an inept joke that it meant something completely different in my head and I regret even reading it!

In 2020, after it was announced that he would step in as interim host following Alex Trebek’s death, the matter resurfaced, along with some other questionable comments he’d made in the past, and Jennings issued a more in-depth apology.

“Hey, I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that over the years on Twitter, I’ve definitely tweeted some non-technical and insensitive things. Sometimes they were a joke in my head, and I’d be horrified to see how they read on screen.

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One person tagged “Danger!” account on
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“In the past, I would usually leave bad tweets out so I could see them. At least that way it could lead to intelligent responses and even advocacy. Deleting them was a whitewash. But I think this practice may have given the impression that I stood by every failed joke I made.” By posting it here. Absolutely!

He added: “Sometimes I said stupid things in a stupid way, and I want to apologize to the people who were (rightfully) offended.” It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone, but that doesn’t matter: I screwed up, and I’m truly sorry.

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