June 25, 2024


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Death of Edward Bond, the most French of English dramatists

Death of Edward Bond, the most French of English dramatists

Christian Benedetti and Edward Bond

English playwright Edward Bond died on March 3, 2024 at the age of 89. He told Christian Benedetti, the director of the Aldforville Theater-Studio, who was his godfather..

Edward Bond was born into a working class family in Holloway, North London. As a young man, he worked in different professions (painter, insurance broker and controller at an aircraft factory). When he did his military service in Vienna, he began to write. His association with the Royal Court Theater began in the late 1950s when he joined the Royal Court Writers’ Group. Debates and controversies surrounding his play early morning (Dawn) 1968 Drama censorship abolished in England.

In 1994, directed by Alain Francon War pieces As part of the Avignon Festival. A trilogy written between 1983 and 1985, War Pieces consists of three parts: Red, Black and Ignorance; The Fury of the Haves; Great silence. The fully performed show lasts for seven hours. Alain Francon returned to writing after creating Bond in 1992. A company of men (Paris, Théâtre de la Ville). He then began a long partnership with the British author, many of whose works he later staged, notably at the Théâtre National de la Colline. The cast included Carlo Brand, Clovis Cornelagh, Gilles David and Valérie Treville, who would participate in later productions. The scenery, designed by Jack Capel, represents a devastated territory. Alain Francon would stage many of his plays the sea In 2016 at La Comédie-Française, included in the repertoire without having been performed there since 2011, this piece is the entry key to access the author’s work, in which it occupies a unique place, associated with the most romantic record.

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Christian Benedetti Rising in 1997 saved, for the opening of his theatre-studio in Altforville. Then other creations will follow. Eleven tank top In 2001, Balance in 2002 (he will direct at La Comédie-Française in 2013).

Edward Bond wrote more than forty plays that have been performed around the world. In his essays, he develops a theoretical and political reflection on theater art, which he practices in acting workshops and schools. His theatrical work was published in L’Arche. Author of more than forty plays, Edward Bond continues to translate his political commitment by questioning his own play and his reflection on theatrical aesthetics.

Edward Bond’s works include opera and ballet librettos for Hans Werner Hennes, adaptations, translations (by Chekhov and Wedkind), screenplays for cinema (Demolition), radio dramas (Chair, Balance) or on television (tuesday And A prison) and numerous poems.