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'Demon Slayer' hits $1.8M preview, and Bob Marley rules again

'Demon Slayer' hits $1.8M preview, and Bob Marley rules again

Saturday morning for writing Posted on Friday night: Paramount Bob Marley: One Love It remains the leader at the weekend box office with a $3.7 million Friday, 3-day cume $13.95 million In 3,597 theaters, -51% which will get the Reynaldo Marcus Green-directed title $71.6 million On Sunday. During yesterday, the global already in $101.1 million ($39.7 million overseas, $61.4 million domestic). This is a great piece of counter-programming in a struggling market. Say what you will, Standard & Poor's Global is about to put Paramount Global on “negative credit watch” mode, but the film studio has a vibrant theatrical release schedule this year with Gladiator 2, A Quiet Place: Day, So And Smile 2 For example but not limited to.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba -To the Hashira Training opens at the box office.


Sony/Crunchyrolls Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba – To Hashira Training It is not a movie, but “it is the last episode (Episode 11) of the Swordsmith Village arc and the first episode of the Hashira Training arc” seen $10.8 million after $5.5 million Friday (including $1.8 million in previews) at 1,949 locations. I've been told that some of the fans here were also Sony customers Madame Web Last weekend.

Demon Slayer Fans gave this version a B+, the same grade they gave the big screen version of the anime last year. The ComScore/Screen Engine PostTrak audience gave it an 84% positive rating and a 68% definite recommendation. Leaning 66% male, 75% of those who bought tickets between 18-34 and 25-34 were the biggest show at 45%. Diversity offerings were 43% Latino and Hispanic, 23% Caucasian, 13% Black, and 14% Asian. IMAX and PLF screens are responsible for a third of weekend ticket sales Demon Slayer Killed in the south-central, western and mountainous regions. AMC Burbank is by far the highest-grossing theater by far 19 thousand dollars Since Thursday.

Thank God for Crunchyroll during tough times at the box office; They can fill the void. However, the box office gross stands at 64 million dollars-32% over last year. Mars couldn't get here faster Dune Part Two.

The third goes to Lionsgate/Kingdom Story's Ordinary angels, Which despite having an impressive A+ CinemaScore (typical of a faith-based film), strong reviews – 80% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and an RT audience score of 100% – isn't all that over-the-top. Now a $2.3 million Friday results $6.5 million The result is third place. The reason some believe this could beat its $5 million to $7 million forecast is because religious audiences often fly under the radar of tracking services. Kingdom Story movie last February, jesus revolution, It was a huge success with an opening of $15.8 million and a cume of $52.1 million. Where is the seat padding?

It's strange considering there's been such positive talk Ordinary angels From RelishMix: “An audience that is drawn to the vision The arrival Star Alan Ritchson, who leads the film, appreciates a different type of performance than his practical roles, and there is excitement to see Hilary Swank back in theaters. However, the social media measurement company says: “Ordinary angels The social media world stats stand at -31% by indie drama standards at 38.1 million across Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok combined.

Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Now, Spider-Man is a clairvoyant Madame Web It shows a 2nd frame drop of -64% (which is bad though not as terrible as Marvel -78% Freefall in second weekend or Sony/Marvel's Morbius'-74%) with appreciation $5.56 million In fourth place in 4,013 theaters after Friday with $1.5 million. She'll stand by 35 million dollars On Sunday. Still both Marvel And Morbius Look like fans next to Madame Web respectively with $84.5 million and $73.8 million in the domestic finals. Let's not put lipstick on this. If you're going to make a superhero movie from now on, really focus development on it and hire strong directors. Theater businesses can't afford to cut the cake anymore.

Universal's 10th weekend of Illumination Immigration It continues to occupy the top five at 2,422 theaters with revenues of $700,000 on Friday. $3.3 million Weekend, -14%, $120.7 million On Sunday. Given the dearth of family animated films, many are betting big on Uni/DreamWorks Animation Kung Fu Panda 4 When he hits the position Sand dunes 2 Slot March 8. A $50 million opening wouldn't be shocking.

And in the dust is the title directed by Ethan Coen of Focus Features Driving away dolls In 2,279 theaters with A.J Million dollars Friday (including previews) for A.J $2.5 million Opening. These start below the focus features Lisa Frankenstein ($3.69 million), and the film directed by Zelda Williams cost less ($13 million). Driving away dolls Obtained for. hear that Lisa Frankenstein ($8.8 million total as of yesterday), which will end up being a small profit for Focus at the end of the day. There's definitely a big difference in demand when two Coen Brothers names appear in the trailer instead of just one. It's not often that a Coen Brothers film gets wide circulation in its first weekend, and if the studio doesn't have a title, it means they have to quickly spin the film off from theatrical to local secondary markets in order for it to make money. With an RT review rating of 66% and a current audience rating of 37%, you can see why the focus has gone viral and fast with this game.

RelishMix points out that as powerful as social media is drive Away dolls, With 73 million followers, “The star power in the movie lies in the wings because most of the stars are antisocial or inactive.”

RelishMix reacted to the film on social media, “Although the appearances of Pedro Pascal and Matt Damon are exciting for fans, some are bemoaning that their roles are likely to be small and overused to promote the film. Many have compared the film to”Dumb and dumber But with females,” while some said the film was derivative, saying, “Even though it's new, I feel like I've already seen this movie.”

Friday morning: Sony/Crunchyrolls Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba – To Hashira Training It got the most action out of three wide entries last night in previews $1.8 million From 1,870 locations Show times started at 4 p.m. This is augmented, in standard Sony/Crunchyroll fashion, by PLFs and Imax. The film is supposed to produce in the high single digits this weekend, which is much lower than any other film Demon Slayer Movies as a TV episode is streaming on Crunchyroll, and just premiered on the big screen for the first time. In short, it's not a movie. 2021 Demon Slayer The film posted $3.8 million in previews.

Hilary Swank in Ordinary Angels

Hilary Swank in “Ordinary Angels”

Allen Fraser

Hilary Swank's religious drama is produced by Lionsgate/Kingdom Story Ordinary angels opinion 285 thousand dollars From previews that began at 6 p.m. Although this number is low, there is hope that this film will exceed its expectations of $5 million to $7 million given its very good reviews with a recent 78% on Rotten Tomatoes. we will see.

Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan in Drive-Away Dolls

Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan in Drive-Away Dolls

Working Title/Focus Features

Focus Features features a comedy directed by Ethan Coen Driving away dolls. They moved the film out of the fall due to the actors' strike so that it would have a chance at some livelihood. Despite a New York City premiere and a fresh 68% review score on Rotten Tomatoes, there's nothing going for it. So much so that the dealer doesn't report the day's preview total. This means that the film made less than the $700,000 they reported Lisa Frankenstein In its previews, however, this included previews outside of Thursdays. accommodate. Industry estimates are around $450,000. Lisa Frankenstein With its new opening opening to $3.6 million; And Driving away dolls It can be less or almost the same. how is that possible? Brother Quinn = hip. Margaret Qualley, Beanie Feldstein, Geraldine Viswanathan and Matt Damon = hip. Tracker Quorum says: “Unfortunately, Focus has struggled to build awareness of the film. Dolls It reaches theaters with only 20% awareness. Of the 17 films with awareness over the past two years at or below 20%, none opened to more than $4 million. This is a difficult trend to resist.

“Bob Marley: One Love” and “Madame Web”


Like we told you, it's Paramount Bob Marley: One Love Which will keep everyone together in the cinemas this weekend with those around them 15 million dollars-45%. The image had great stability on Thursday, -4% from Wednesday $1.6 million It finished its nine-day run total with $57.6 million in 3,539 theaters. This is 25% ahead. Rocket man Within nine days, this film ended its domestic run with $96.3 million.

Sony/Marvel Madame Web Declined 9% on Thursday with 786 thousand dollars At 4013, ending his nine-day run with $29.4 million. If the critically acclaimed superhero movie is lucky, it will fall just -55% this weekend for $6.8 million. That would be mind-boggling.

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