July 23, 2024


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“Destiny 2” reveals new PvP maps and brings back exotic missions

“Destiny 2” reveals new PvP maps and brings back exotic missions

Bungie has made its third and final work in the light Live broadcast For upcoming Destiny 2 content focused on bringing back classic Exotic Quests and a first look at the PvP map pack coming in May.

The additional exotic missions aren't exactly a shock, and much of the stream was just discussing their creation. Of course, they and their rewards will have to be modified to match the current state of Destiny 2 in 2024.

Alien missions

Whisper quest returns for Whisper of the Worm (Out at Into the Light release) – Eris Morn gives you a way to enter Whisper instead of waiting for the appropriate public event on Io (I think it goes without saying that Io itself isn't overridden, and that's a stand-alone example).

New chest locations, new secrets, new surprises, old guides and walkthroughs will no longer work. For example, the first secret chest room in Whisper has been removed. The boss battle in Whisper has changed in a subtle way.

Zero Hour is Missing to Return for Outbreak Prime (in May) – New enemies like Briggs in the mission. Both missions had to boost the number of fighters in the encounters due to the strength of the Guardian now. There is still a timer like the original, but in normal mode it is 40 minutes. The legend is 20 minutes.

They were surprised that the individual sections held up as well as they did, and there wasn't much to go around even with the new tools. They did not reduce mobility tools such as sword skating or grappling challenges. Again, more secrets are now different. The key cards have been replaced with something else. The boss has also changed like Whisper.

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Both Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Prime will have craftable versions as rewards for these quests, like other exotic rotating quests. If you already have the triggers, you can keep them. Other perks have a 3-week quest like other alien species that can be crafted.

  • Whisper privileges: Mulligan, field preparation, no distractions, informed action. Breathing is a whisper. Whisper get bump spare ammo.
  • Outbreak privileges: Outlaw, Quick Strike, Return Rounds, Headhunter.

Unlockable ships return. They are new ships, not the old versions that people have had for years. Drifter's ship has been improved from Zero Hour into something else. Outbreak remake based on Perfected. A new design for a thousand wings, different from the old design.

PvP Map Pack (released in May)

Eventide Laboratories (Europe) – A long-forgotten research outpost. Eramis had chosen it as a refueling stop for her boat. Fell under the heading, embedded server. Full of ice tunnels.

Cirrus Plaza (Neumona) – Exos shopping/entertainment sector in Neumona. “PvP hardcore” really like the “readable” map. Centered around a large central atrium.

Essence (Pyramid Ship) – The ship is reclaimed by the traveler. A difficult map to build, as creating a map around it is noisy. It got harsh comments from testers at first and had to do a lot of work on it. It was really to smooth it out. A collection of mysterious artifacts in one (purely visual) part.

There will be a brand new map playlist when it launches.

Other things

  • An all-new Raid Boss Challenge starting on April 30th. Take on raid bosses with increasing difficulty and rewards. More details coming in the coming weeks.
  • In the Light will have its own title.
  • Launching on April 9, Into the Light will let you skip the New Light campaign when you start playing with friends right away.
  • The ability to change your character's appearance and name when launching Into the Light.
  • A special preview of The Final Shape with a live stream before the reset on April 9.
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