June 18, 2024


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Developers can now create a toggle for Control Center in iOS 18

Developers can now create a toggle for Control Center in iOS 18

One of the new features of iOS 18, which Apple announced on Monday, is a customizable and redesigned Control Center with multiple pages. However, in addition to the customizations offered by Apple itself, developers can now create their own toggles to integrate their apps with Control Center.

Control Center in iOS 18

The new Control Center in iOS 18 is divided into three pages. The first displays controls that iPhone owners are already familiar with, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, and volume. The second page is dedicated to media controls, while the last page displays connectivity toggles.

It was already possible to add or remove specific toggles in Control Center. However, with iOS 18, users can better reorganize these toggles and even change their size. But the biggest news here is the new Controls API, which lets developers create Control Center toggles for third-party apps. These toggles will allow users to control actions within the app without having to open it.

Interestingly, the same API also works with the lock screen, so you can replace the default flashlight and camera buttons with actions of your choice.

“It’s now faster and easier for people to complete repetitive tasks from your apps with new controls in Control Center, on the Lock screen, and through the action button. Controls can toggle a setting, perform an action, or deep link directly to an experience,” says Apple. specific – and you can create them using just a few lines of code and the new Controls API.”

Control the lock screen iOS 18

Naturally, this requires developers to update their apps with the new API, which shouldn’t happen before September – when iOS 18 is released to the public.

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A beta preview of iOS 18 is now available Developerswhile the public beta will be released next month.

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