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Disney vs. Florida: Texas County Leader KP George invites CEO Bob Chappk to Fort Bend amid a struggle over self-governance status

Disney vs. Florida: Texas County Leader KP George invites CEO Bob Chappk to Fort Bend amid a struggle over self-governance status

Richmond, TX (KTRK) – It’s a small world after all.

So small that Walt Disney World’s conflict with Florida has a Houston-area leader making a big show: bring the Magic Kingdom to Texas.

Central Florida bill for Abolition of special autonomy mode From the sprawling 39-square-mile Disney World complex, Fort Bend County Judge KP George launched a series of tweets Thursday enticing the world-famous attraction to move to the 885-square-mile county.

“From Timone & Pumba to Tinker Bell, Disney characters are as diverse as the families of Fort Bend County. I welcome Disney to visit Fort Bend County as your next destination while facing attacks from contemporary political extremists like (Florida Governor) @RonDeSantisFL,” George tweeted, with a copy of the letter addressed To Disney CEO Bob Tangled.

Florida just passed a bill to eliminate the special tax district at Disney World, saying it provides an unfair competitive advantage over other tourist attractions. But critics say it is because of Disney’s statements against the so-called state Bill “Don’t Say Like Me”which prohibits teaching sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

If this move from George sounds familiar, it’s because he has made similar offers to companies of equal size and equal value that have either voiced their exit from their current positions or have entered into controversy.

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In 2020, for example, George introduced Fort Bend County to Elon Musk when the CEO of Tesla Motors threatened to pull the company’s California-based plant.

“We’re a business-friendly district, and you know we’re a business-friendly district,” George said. “Come closer to me.”

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Following on Thursday’s tweets, George also noted the current presence of other major companies in Fort Bend, including Amazon, Texas Instruments and Gallery Furniture.

Simultaneously with Disney’s appeal, the county leader also introduced Twitter social networking platform To reflect on Fort Bend for its business needs, citing similar attacks against it from Florida.

Most importantly, you know the politics, said George, put it aside. “We are always looking for businesses to come to our county.

Disney is the parent company of ABC13.

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