June 17, 2024


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Disney World Dinner Check for $2,500 Sparks Controversy on Social Media

Disney World Dinner Check for $2,500 Sparks Controversy on Social Media

A woman got lost in the magical world of Disney and walked away with a $2,500 bill.

Foodie blogger Bethany Fenton I took on the challenge of trying the most expensive restaurant in Disney World, the Victoria and Albert.

The Oregon native shared A delicious experience on TikTok In a viral video, she discovered she had spent thousands of dollars in just one evening.

Fenton and her three friends traveled to an Orlando theme park, where they dropped a big moolah on food and wine.

The Disney lover’s video received more than a million views, as she reviewed the different dishes she tasted.

“This is exactly the amount we spent at the most expensive restaurant at Disney World,” she wrote in the clip.

The Chef’s Menu was $395 per person. TikTok/@BethanyFenton

The restaurant offers two menus — a standard bill of fare at $295, and a chef’s tasting menu at $395 per person, Fenton noted.

The chef’s menu, which features nine different dishes, was chosen by Fenton and her friends.

They also included a wine pairing with the experience – eight wines all night for $200 per person.

The food blogger and her three companions spent $2,500 on one meal. TikTok/@BethanyFenton

“So, all in all, for the four of us dining, it was $1,500. Our wine pairings were $800, and the tax on them was $149.50,” Fenton said.

“Our total will come to $2,449.50 before tip,” the “Main St. Dish” podcast host added.

Although the meal was a “huge splurge,” she told her followers she was glad she was able to enjoy the “bucket list” experience.

Fenton and her three friends had a lavish Disney dining experience. TikTok/@BethanyFenton

Among the dishes Fenton and her friends devoured were steak, lobster and cake.

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Fans were shocked at the amount of cash spent on just a few small dishes.

“Oh my god! This is my mortgage, all the utilities, car payment and some groceries,” one fan joked.

Fenton and her friends also indulged in wine pairing. TikTok/@BethanyFenton

“Way to exaggerate,” another person rolled his eyes. “The rich are crazy.”

The House of Mouse-loving blog’s videos are filled with reviews of theme park specialties, including Disney’s Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and more.

Earlier this year, Fenton gave her fans a virtual tour Hidden snacks at Disney World.

At Adventureland’s Sunshine Tree Terrace, she showcased delicacies with sweet chili sauce and tart pineapple upside-down cake from Aloha Island.

Other snacks sampled included ice cream martinis and meat empanadas.