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do you play english  Daycare in English with Vale Academy or Chapter in Mende

do you play english Daycare in English with Vale Academy or Chapter in Mende

Children aged 5 to 11 are welcome at Mende every Wednesday morning.

Parents know it all too well: Wednesdays can sometimes be a real headache because childcare solutions are so hard to come by in Mende. Velay Academie, a school support organization created in 2018, had the fascinating idea of ​​providing a daycare service for children in English for this day. It is enough to combine business with pleasure; Playfulness for education. So, for four hours, children aged 5 to 11 immerse themselves in this new language in complete relaxation, alternative games, snacks, free activities and more intense learning moments.

Learn through play

The reception starts at 8 a.m. under the watchful supervision of Katya Rison, a nanny of Russian descent who has mastered Pushkin and Moliere and Shakespeare: “The children have fun here above all, so I prepare coloring pages, crafts, games, fun English practice for them. Allows to do: memory for learning animal names, twister for colors…” This morning, time is preparing Christmas decorations. All good for perfecting your vocabulary. “I mainly speak English, but sometimes they want to chat and tell a story, so we talk a little bit in French. It must be sweet for them.”

Two hours of “lesson”

This fun daycare with a very British accent was completed by the intervention of Gary Martin, an English teacher who arrived from Scotland five years ago. “From 9am to 11am. I offer three activities for a slightly more in-depth approach to English. I use support such as music, books, puppetry…” Today on the show is the lyrics to Jingle Bells and reading children's album: The Grinch. All intermingled with moments of relaxation and a small snack. “The kids we have today are between 5 and 7 years old,” Gary continues. I'll tell you. Every week we work on a few vocabulary words according to the theme of the day and come back to it in the next session.” When the age difference is large, the children are divided into two groups and the activities are adapted to the level of understanding. From 11 am to noon, Katya learned through games and discussion. Slowly returns to the lesson.

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A new structure

This English daycare service was launched in September 2022 by Vale Academy. First located in Place du Fourail, it quickly became a real success, welcoming 25 children. Since then, the campus has changed, and now children are welcomed in the chapter above the stands of the Jean-Jacques Delmas Stadium. A pleasant setting further expands the range of activities offered, especially on sunny days. The daycare currently welcomes about ten children each Wednesday morning and still offers a few vacant spots. “We are thinking of extending this service to Wednesday afternoons because there is a real demand from parents,” concludes Anthony Vale, who started the project.

Daycare in English means…

– Every Wednesday, 8 AM to 12 PM.
– For children aged 5 to 11 years.
– Meeting Room at the Jean-Jacques Delmas Stadium, Chap.
– 20 euros per morning.
– More information 04 66 49 23 17.
– No prerequisite English level.