June 17, 2024


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Dodgers signs Max Muncie for a one-year extension

Dodgers signs Max Muncie for a one-year extension

Dodgers and Warriors Max Muncie They agreed to extend the contract, according to an announcement from the team. under previous extension He signed with the Dodgers, and they had a $13 million club option for his services in 2023. That would now be guaranteed at $13.5 million, with the Dodgers now having a $10 million club option for 2024, plus incentives. Jack Harris of the Los Angeles Times Reports indicate that there is no long position on the 2024 option.

Fabian Aria from Athletic (Twitter link) provides a breakdown of the escalators on Muncy’s option, which is based on his 2023 panel appearance tally. The option price will increase by $250,000 apiece to 50, 250, 300 and 350 panel appearances next season, followed by an additional $500 K at 400 and 450 plates and an additional $1 million in both 500 and 550 PA.

This extension is an early birthday present for Muncie, as he turns 32 on Thursday. The left-back was a late fall by Major League Baseball standards, having had a breakout season in 2018 when he was 27. That year, he made 35 home runs and cuts .263/.391/.582 for a wRC+ of 162, indicating his attack was 62% better than the league average. In 2019, he proved out of luck, hitting 35 eyebrows again and cutting .251/.374/.515 for wRC+ from 133. He also provided defensive versatility at the time, moving between first, second and third base.

After these two strong seasons, Muncy finally reached arbitration for the first time in his career, at the age of 29. He and the club did not reach an agreement, with the club offering $4 million while Muncy’s camp offered $4.675 million. the shape. Prior to the hearing, the two sides agreed to a long-term agreement, extending into 2022 with an option of 2023. As Muncy was on track to have free agency after 2022, this extension effectively gave up one year of free agency while allowing him to guarantee For himself $26 million in future earnings, maybe more.

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Muncy faltered a bit during the short 2020 campaign, but has been excellent in the post-season, helping the Dodgers win their first World Championship title since 1988. Last year, he returned to the pace he established in 2018 and 2019, reaching 36 points at home. And the hitting streak produced .249/ .368/ .527, a wRC+ of 140. Unfortunately, his arm was injured in a season-ending collision, an injury that prevented him from participating in last year’s postseason.

This injury appears to have continued into 2022, as Muncie spent some time on the injured list with left elbow inflammation and struggled during the early parts of the season. However, the good version of Muncy is back recently. As of the end of July, he’s been hitting .161/.310/.303 in wRC+ of 82. Since the calendar flips to August, though, he’s hit seven home runs and slashed .328/.409/.776, which increased From its wRC+ value for the season up to 105.

This August streak is still a small sample of only 66 billboard appearances, but the Dodgers clearly have enough confidence in Muncy that they’re willing to be back with him for another year. If this show of faith pays off, they will be rewarded by having the ability to keep Muncy around for another season. It also helps reduce a bit of uncertainty in the club’s stadium image. The Dodgers made club choices on both Muncy and Justin TurnerWhile Tria Turner It is set to become a free agent in a few months. While it would have been conceivable to have a scenario where all three would end up in new uniforms next year, the club now knows they can at least count on Muncy to take a place somewhere on the diamond. There is also uncertainty on the field, with Joey Gallo Heading to a free agency and Cody Bellinger A potential non-tender candidate. With players like Muncie, Chris TaylorAnd the Gavin Lux And others who bring the multi-position skill set, are in a good position to navigate their off-season options.

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On Muncy’s side, he can finish the season and go to the playoffs with peace of mind by securing his salary for 2023 with a slight increase. The details of the incentives are not known yet, but it is likely that this will give him a chance to secure more profits as well.

Fabian Aria from The Athletic He was among those who reported the extension before the official announcement.

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports.