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Does Audrey Fleurod Really Speak English in Harlan Cobain’s Series?  She replies

Does Audrey Fleurod Really Speak English in Harlan Cobain’s Series? She replies

is safeWritten by Harlan Coban and Michael C. The series, continued by Hall, is rebroadcast on TF1 this Thursday, March 2, with Audrey Fleurot in the cast of this international production.

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First broadcast on C8 and ahead of the Netflix schedule, TF1 9:10 pm is safe (Our Opinion), a series by Harlan Coban and, among others, Michael C. Hall and conducted. Audrey Fleurot, who is the only Frenchman of this international production. In 2018, he explained to Tele-Loisirs how he found himself in acting. is safe. Before victory HPI On TF1 (which returns in a few weeks), Audrey Fleurot Went to England.

is safe : Filmed by Audrey Fleurot Five and a half months near Manchester

Audrey Fleurot Explained this choice to us: “Actually, I decided to rub shoulders with new eyes. The French loved me for different things, and today new encounters should give me access to different roles. I’m not talking about settling in Los Angeles and creating an American. No, I feel very European, I want to “open” my playground. !”. After seeing her inside GearsHarlan Coban hands over the role to him. “I thought it was a sign. A chance to go and live in England: I did. We shot for five and a half months near Manchester”. the actress told us.

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Safe: Audrey Fleurot has become bilingual

If in series, Audrey Fleurot Performed in English, dubbed for broadcast. “I’m not bilingual. told us Audrey Fleurot. For the series, I worked a lot on my pronunciation. I got a little satisfaction when a producer told me after a few days of shooting: “We need to add a little French accent.”. My character Zoé is actually of French origin”. In safe, Zoé appears at the beginning of a very intriguing sequence before the story changes. “I like ambiguous roles with her, I serve. We suddenly find out that she is fragile: she is a mother who has lost her son. I have never played grief, so I was happy to rub it in. I don’t know what happened next…”, was added Audrey Fleurot.

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