July 14, 2024


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Donald Trump attacks Robert De Niro

Donald Trump attacks Robert De Niro

Donald Trump On Sunday, he issued a belated and rambling response to the actor Robert De Niro‘s Sharp criticism of him At the Gotham Awards last week.

De Niro was surprised During his honoring speech to the crew and cast of his latest film “The Killers Of The Flower Moon” when he found that his anti-Trump comments had been cut from the auto-film.

Oscar winner, who is he? noStrangerto He lashed out at the former president, picked up his phone and read his statements attacking Trump anyway. It highlighted thousands of Trump’s lies.

Watch De Niro’s speech here:

Trump, the favorite to win the Republican Party’s nomination in the 2024 elections, responded on his Truth Social platform over the weekend, calling De Niro a “total loser.”

“Robert De Niro, whose acting talents have greatly diminished, with his reputation now in ruins, should even use a teleprompter for his vulgar, disgusting, and disrespectful language to our country,” Trump wrote.

“It has become unwatchable both in movies and with the idiots who destroyed the Oscars, taking it from one of the best shows in the country to a low-rated category,” the former president added. He added: “De Niro should focus on his life, which is a mess, instead of focusing on the lives of others. He has become a complete loser, while the world watches, waits and laughs!”

De Niro has not yet responded to Trump’s comments.


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