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Dow Jones index falls after stock market sell-off;  Apple, a drop of Tesla

Dow Jones index falls after stock market sell-off; Apple, a drop of Tesla

The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened lower on Monday, seeking direction after a massive sell-off in the stock market on Friday. Database software developer Splunk is up, thanks to merger talk. Arista Networks and Continental Resources will report earnings after the close.


between the Dow Jones LeadersAnd An apple (AAPL) fell 0.5% Monday, while Microsoft (MSFT) decreased by 0.7% in Stock market today. American Express (AXP), a Dow Jones stock to watch, is in a buying range after last week’s breakout.

Splink (SPLK) jumped more than 5% after The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday This is Dow Jones stock Cisco Systems (CSCO) made a bid of $20 billion for the company. electric car leader Tesla (TSLA) is down 0.5%, threatening to continue its two-day losing streak.

Amid a volatile stock market rally, BHP . group (horse), monastery (DE), Palo Alto Networks (bano) And Stifel Financial (sixth) is among the biggest stocks to buy and watch on Monday. All four stocks are in or near new buying areas.

Microsoft, Stifel, and Tesla IBD Leaderboard Stores. American Express appeared last week Stocks near the buy zone column. monastery is IBD SwingTrader Stock. It was Palo Alto Networks IBD stock on Thursday.

Dow Jones today: Treasury yields

After the stock market opened on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.3%, while the S&P 500 was down 0.2%. The heavy Nasdaq Composite Index is down 0.3% in morning trading. in between Exchange Traded FundsNasdaq 100 Invesco QQQ Trust Tracker (QQQ(It lost 0.1%, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF lost)spy) is down 0.1% after Monday’s opening.

The 10-year Treasury yield rose to 1.98% on Monday morning. On Friday, the 10-year Treasury yield fell below 1.96% after Thursday’s rally above 2%. Treasury yields continue to rise amid expectations that the Federal Reserve will start raising interest rates to combat the prevailing high inflation.

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US oil prices reversed slightly lower on Monday morning. West Texas Intermediate crude fell back below $93 a barrel after Friday’s jump above $94 a barrel.

Stock market falter

The stock market posted more disappointing business on Friday, as all three major stock indices sold out again with big losses. Amid the recent volatility, now is an important time to read IBD The Big Picture column.

friday big picture He commented, “The number of distribution days Since late January still tame. But most importantly, traders who have gained exposure to the market after a Follow-up day on January 31 They are now under water. You can call it breaking expectations.”

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Four Dow Jones stocks worth watching right now

Stock Market Returns: Arista, Continental

Arista Networks and Continental Resources will provide insight into two very different industries after Monday’s close.

The leading cloud software company, Arista, is expected to earn 74 cents per share on revenue of $789.8 million. ANET shares found strong resistance at the 50-day line last week.

Wall Street expects Continental, the world’s leading producer of shale oil, to earn $1.70 per share on sales of $1.69 billion. CLR shares extended sharply past a cup with 53.76 entering the handle.

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Dow Jones stocks to watch: American Express

American Express broke out in the past IBD Market Smith The chart analysis is plotted as a key buy point for the cup at 189.13 and is in the 5% buy range which comes to 198.59. AXP stock was trading up 0.5% on Monday.

bullish, stock Relative force line Reached new highs, indicating significant outperformance in the stock market.

Four growth stocks to watch in the current stock market rally

Stocks to buy and watch: BHP, Deere, Palo Alto, Stifel

Mining giant BHP has fallen below a cup with handle at 69.66 after Friday’s 1.5% drop, according to IBD Market Smith Graph analysis. the Relative force line It continues to rise but remains far from its old highs, so this is a technical gauge to watch. BHP shares are down about 1% on Monday.

IBD SwingTrader Stock Deere is in a buy after teacup range with a 388.20 buy point of the handle after last week’s breakout move. Buying area rose 5% to 407.61. Shares rose more than 1% on Monday.

Today’s stock from IBD, Palo Alto Networks, is moving up on the right side of the consolidation at 572.77 buy points. Shares took a setback on Friday, falling more than 3% to fall back below the 50-day line. The cybersecurity chief will announce its earnings on February 22, so any early hack move will carry more risks. Palo Alto shares were trading down 0.5% on Monday.

IBD Leaderboard Stifel Financial stock gave up its buy point of 78.70 in a consolidation during Friday’s 2.2% decline. His RS line reached a new high last week. Shares were flat on Monday.

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Tesla Stock

Tesla stock It fell 0.5% on Monday, which threatens to add to Friday’s 4.9% drop. Early Monday, the China Passenger Car Association said Tesla sold 59,845 Chinese-made vehicles in January, down from 70,847 in December.

The stock is once again approaching the long-term 200-day line after finding support there previously in late January. Tesla shares remain sharply below the 50-day moving average. There is no proper entry in sight, as the stock continues to consolidate.

The stock traded as high as 1,243.49 on November 4, but on Friday finished about 31% from an all-time high.

Dow Jones Leaders: Apple and Microsoft

in between Dow Jones stock, Apple’s stock sold 2% on Friday, below the main 50-day moving average line. The new consolidation is showing a new buying point at 183.04, but the decisive move above last week’s high at 176.65 may act as an early entry for aggressive investors. Shares lost another 0.5 percent on Monday.

Software leader Microsoft fell 2.4% on Friday, as top Dow Jones fell to its long-running 200-day streak. MSFT stock was down 0.7% on Monday.

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