June 16, 2024


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Dow Jones index rises in transport of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border

Dow Jones index rises in transport of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose on Tuesday after some conflicting messages from Russia regarding troops along the Ukrainian border. Travel issues rose as California joined states that have ended their own mask requirements. Arista Networks and Continental Resources diverged after announcing their earnings late Monday, while Huntsman rebounded on its results before the market opened.


between the Dow Jones LeadersAnd Boeing (Bachelor of) And Microsoft (MSFT) was traded up about 2% in Stock market today. An apple (AAPL) rose more than 1%, while chevron (CVX) fell more than 2% as oil prices tumbled in Ukraine news. American Express (AXP), a Dow Jones stock to watch, is in a buying range after last week’s breakout.

Cruise line and airline operators packed to the top of the S&P 500 in early trade. Arista Networks (NetworkThe index topped the index, up more than 6%, after analysts’ goals for the fourth quarter topped Monday and Provide powerful guidance. electric car leader Tesla (TSLA) rose more than 2% on Tuesday, looking to extend Monday’s gains.

Amid a volatile stock market rally, BHP . group (horse), monastery (DE), Palo Alto Networks (bano) And Stifel Financial (sixth) among the top stocks on Tuesday to buy and watch. All four stocks are in or near new buying areas.

Microsoft, Stifel, and Tesla IBD Leaderboard Stores. American Express appeared last week Stocks near the buy zone column. monastery is IBD SwingTrader Stock. It was Palo Alto IBD stock on Thursday.

Dow Jones Today: Russia and Ukraine Crisis

After the stock market opened on Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.8%, while the S&P 500 gained 1%. The Nasdaq is up 1.5% in morning trading. in between Exchange Traded FundsNasdaq 100 Invesco QQQ Trust Tracker (QQQ(Jumped 1.5%, SPDR S&P 500 ETF Index)spy) is up 1.1% after Tuesday’s opening.

The Russian Defense Ministry said early Tuesday that it had done so Withdrawing about 10,000 of the 130,000 soldiers It is estimated that they are centered around Ukraine. However, large-scale military exercises continued, and Western officials warned that combat units were advancing towards Ukraine.

The 10-year Treasury yield rose to 2.04% on Tuesday morning. On Monday, the 10-year Treasury yield briefly traded above 2% on Monday before settling at 1.99%.

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US oil prices fell on Tuesday morning, with West Texas Intermediate crude down nearly 4%. West Texas Intermediate crude fell below $92 a barrel after Monday’s jump above $95 a barrel.

Cruise line operators Royal Caribbean (RCL) And Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCLH) all of them rose by about 4%. American Airlines (AAL) jumped 4%, and Delta Airlines (DA) rose by 3% in morning trading. California said Monday it would end its blanket mandate for statewide mask on Wednesday, while Maryland said it would end its mandate in public buildings. Rhode Island, Delaware and Nevada raised statewide mandates last week.

The number of new Covid-19 cases in the United States is down from the January peak. New cases on Monday averaged about 175,000 a day, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. That’s down from about 800,000 a day in mid-January. The average number of deaths related to the coronavirus remains high, with an average of 2,200 deaths per day on Monday.

stock market struggles

The stock market posted a mostly disappointing move on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 ending outright lower. Amid the recent volatility, now is an important time to read IBD The Big Picture column.

Monday the big picture He commented, “It is difficult to gauge the direction of the stock market in a volatile period like the present, and it is better to trade cautiously until stocks stabilize. At the moment, investor sentiment is that indices could be bottoming out, at least in the short term.”

If you are new to IBD, consider taking a look at stock trading system And CAN SLIM Basics. Distinguish chart patterns It is one of the key investment guidelines. IBD offers a wide range of Stock Growth ListsLike leaderboard And SwingTrader.

Investors can also create watch lists, find companies near a profile buy pointor develop custom screens in IBD Market Smith.

Four Dow Jones stocks worth watching right now

Stock Market Returns: Arista, Continental

Arista Networks and continental resources (CLRInsights into two very different industries after Monday’s close.

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Arista . cloud software leader Announced strong sales and profit results in the fourth quarter, which led to a 6% rise in the morning trade. ANET shares found strong resistance at the 50-day line last week, but are likely to be poised to retake that level on Tuesday.

Shares of Continental, the leading producer of shale oil, fell more than 11% early Tuesday. The decline came after the company’s better-than-expected results for the fourth quarter, but it appears to be related to lower oil prices more than the quarterly report. CLR shares closed Monday extended after entering 53.76 cups.

chemical maker Huntsman (here) is out of the buying range, surpassing 34.57 flat base entry points on Monday. The company reported strong fourth-quarter results early Tuesday, with shares up nearly 3% in morning trading.

Dow Jones stocks to watch: American Express

American Express broke out in the past IBD Market Smith The chart analysis is plotted as a key buy point for the cup at 189.13 and is in the 5% buy range which comes to 198.59. AXP stock was trading more than 1% early Tuesday.

bullish, stock Relative force line Reached new highs, indicating significant outperformance in the stock market.

Four growth stocks to watch in the current stock market rally

Stocks to buy and watch: BHP, Deere, Palo Alto, Stifel

Mining giant BHP Group fell below a cup with entry handle at 69.66, down nearly 1% on Monday. IBD Market Smith Explains stock chart analysis Relative force line It continues to climb, but is far from its old highs – so this is a technical metric to watch. BHP shares were down about 2% early Tuesday.

IBD SwingTrader Stock Deere is just below the 388.20-cup buying point with a handle after last week’s breakout move. The buying area rose 5% to 407.61. Shares were down 1.4% on Monday. DE shares rose more than 1% early Tuesday.

Today’s stock from IBD, Palo Alto Networks, is moving up on the right side of the consolidation at 572.77 buy points. Stocks rebounded from Friday’s sharp losses, rising 2.1% on Monday and ending below the 50-day line. The cybersecurity chief will announce its earnings on February 22, so any early hack move will carry more risks. PANW shares are up about 2% early Tuesday.

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IBD Leaderboard Stifel Financial stock fell further below the buy point at 78.70 in a consolidation after Monday’s 1.6% decline. His RS line reached a new high last week. Stifel shares gained 1.5% early Tuesday.

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Tesla Stock

Tesla stock Raced up more than 2% on Tuesday morning, it is set to add to Monday’s rally of 1.8%. The stock is once again approaching the long-term 200-day line after finding support there previously in late January. Tesla shares remain sharply below the 50-day moving average. There is no proper entry in sight, as the stock continues to consolidate.

The stock traded as high as 1,243.49 on November 4, but on Monday finished about 30% off its all-time high.

Dow Jones Leaders: Apple and Microsoft

in between Dow Jones stockApple stock reversed its early losses to rise 0.1% on Monday, but remained below the main 50-day moving average line. The new consolidation shows a buying point at 183.04, but the decisive move above last week’s high at 176.65 could be an early entry for aggressive investors. Apple shares rose more than 1% early Tuesday.

Software leader Microsoft fell on Monday, with top Dow Jones looking for support around the long-term 200-day line. MSFT stock is up about 2% Tuesday morning.

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