May 20, 2024


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Drew Carey talks about funding writers' meals amid the 2023 strike

Drew Carey talks about funding writers' meals amid the 2023 strike

Drew Carey is speaking candidly about the huge investment he made by paying for striking writers' meals at two Los Angeles-area restaurants in 2023.

In an appearance at the Writers Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, the comedian spoke about his decision to pay for WGA members' meals at Bob's Big Boy and Swingers over the course of the 148-day strike. He stated that the last time he paid for meals for writers, the total bill came to about $67,000. “But some of you decided, 'Oh yeah, I'll get a shake and dessert,' because it was a lot more this time,” he joked.

As the strike continued into 2023, he said, his accountant began to feel stressed. “When the bills started piling up, my accountant called and asked, ‘Is there any way we can call this back?’” Curry made a three-way call with his publicist and accountant, where he refused to change his position because he was making a commitment and “that was the thing.” “The right thing to do.” He added that he did not think he deserved that much credit for doing “the right thing.”

To illustrate this point, Carey spoke about a friend whose agent told her during the raid: “You're going to lose your house because of this.” She said in return: “Yes, well, I will lose my house.” “These are the real heroes of this entire strike,” Curry added.

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“You writers, well, not all of you,” Curry continued, to thunderous applause. The Drew Carey Show Book – They Made Me a Million. Everyone in this room makes some million actors. And you deserve all the money you get.”

Hollywood Reporter I previously reported that Curry's generosity likely cost him about $1 million over the course of the strike. As the hiatus ended in late September, Curry encouraged the writers to grab some last-minute meals for him: “Yoooo @WGAWest members!! 💔 Congratulations! ❤️” Curry tweeted on September 26, adding, “If the strike officially ends tomorrow, you'll have until midnight to have one last meal at Bob's Big Boy or Swingers! Go celebrate! Love y'all!”

He added in a tweet In late September, once the strike was over, “I deeply appreciate all the love and thanks. It is also [worth] Every dime. But if you really want to thank someone for those meals, thank Bruce Helford and everyone The Drew Carey Show the book. They helped make me rich enough to afford it, no book, no dollar. Easy like that.”