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Drew McIntyre: It's true that Punk and I had problems when I was younger

Drew McIntyre: It's true that Punk and I had problems when I was younger

Drew McIntyre has been under fire recently for his truth-telling heel persona, and his promotion on CM Punk after Punk confirmed he would miss the match. Wrestlemania 40 Due to a torn triceps muscle, it was one of the highlights of his current career. Telling Punk he was praying for his injury created a viral moment, and a meme that gave WWE and McIntyre some top-selling merchandise.

in Discussing his style of promotions with The West Sport previous to Judicial DepartmentMcIntyre said a lot of what he said in that was true — including the parts about knowing what it's like to lose moments to injury, having a loved one with cancer, and the issues with Punk during his first run in WWE:

“For me, that's what's going on now, there's this freedom in WWE, especially for people that the company can trust to go out there and be yourself and be what you feel is right, within reason. Some people of us can trust the microphone, they're like… A feeling of “I’ll try some things.”

“A lot of it for me is, ‘I think this is funny. I think this fits the character. I think this is going to be a tough moment.’ I want to build Punk up and say I can relate to him and say honest things.

“Everything for me has to be based on truth, for me and for this character, because if it's true for me, it's true for everyone else, and you'll feel it. Punk and I had problems when I was younger, all that stuff is true. I went there and told him: “I've had injuries, they've taken moments away from me, and I can understand that.” He talked about how he and one of his friends underwent chemotherapy and how he is a true hero. I can understand that. I didn't know that until I was watching backstage. My mother went through the same thing. Unfortunately, that's how she died. “I told him I could relate to all of these things.”

Praying for Punk's injury was not legitimate, which could be used for matters that were. MacIntyre certainly subscribes to the theory that the best conflicts are rooted in reality:

“You have to be professional. I don't wish for anyone to get hurt, no matter what their personal feelings are, no matter if they're rooted in reality, because they are. You just have to hope everyone is professional and understands that we're trying to entertain the fans. For me, what works It's reality and what's real. You watch boxing or the UFC; if you know the two fighters absolutely despise each other, you're much more interested in just hugging and being friends. If they're screaming and breaking up in press conferences, trash talk, and attacks on social media, you're much more interested “If you feel like this is a legitimate issue here. If there is a legitimate issue, increase it to ten.”

Drew doesn't give any details about his issues with Punk, but he'll probably save it for when they resume their beef after Punk's return.

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