May 18, 2024


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El Salvador offers 5,000 passports to skilled foreign workers

El Salvador offers 5,000 passports to skilled foreign workers

El Salvador is offering 5,000 “free passports” to highly skilled workers from abroad, Mr. President Nayeb Bukele He announced Saturday in his latest attempt to boost the country's economy with foreign investments.

Scientists, engineers, doctors, artists and philosophers will be granted “full citizen status” including voting rights, the president said in a statement posted on X's website.

El Salvador will also help with their resettlement by eliminating taxes and customs duties on “relocation of families and assets” such as equipment, software and intellectual property.

Bukele wrote that the group's contributions will have a major impact on the future of the Central American country.

CNN has reached out to the El Salvador government for details about the plan.

El Salvador has seen many radical and often controversial reforms under the constitution The president's strong-arm leadership.

In 2021, El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender alongside the US dollar. But the International Monetary Fund has repeatedly recommended that the country abandon cryptocurrency, citing… Risks Included High volatility.

Last year, the legislature approved an immigration law that aims to speed up the citizenship process for foreigners who support social and economic development programs by donating Bitcoin. Reuters reported.

Bukele also oversaw a brutal and widespread operation She criticized the crackdown on crimeThis claims to have led to a significant improvement in the security situation, but opponents say it has led to widespread human rights violations, including mass arrests and alleged torture in prisons.

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