March 1, 2024


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Elden Ring players who chose hacked underwear have been banned

Elden Ring players who chose hacked underwear have been banned

elden ring Players can leave gifts for each other in the game’s multiplayer component. Sometimes this is a beautiful piece of equipment or a powerful sword. However, at other times pair of underwear This will lead to your expulsion.

The underwear in question is the infamous hacked drawers known as Smalls’ death bed. Basically, if you find a fancy pair of underwear on the floor, leave it there. Players who were lured by fate and captured reported being “banned from entry” Elden ring. there a lot Warnings on elden ring sub redditAnd As spotted by Vice.

“220 hours later, I picked up some underwear and it was all over,” single player books.

Photo: FromSoftware via PL Fighter on YouTube

elden ringLike other FromSoftware games, it follows a general rule for wearables: If you watch it on someone else, you’ll likely wear it, too, creating a massive fashion scene for fans. at elden ring In particular, players found that Fia – A lady you can hug elden ring – She wears a piece of luxurious underwear under her dress. However, FromSoftware seems to have cut the underwear from the latest version of elden ringAnd she only chose to get a death bed gown and cloak from Fia.

But that doesn’t mean underwear can’t be accessed. Quickly discover horned players It can be hacked into the game. The players were Trading and begging each other to drop their panties in all areas elden ring subreddit. Sometimes, it feels like an accident: the player picks up random objects dropped by strangers, and accidentally grabs them.

Now, some players receive a warning: delete the underwear or get a soft ban. Soft blocking means that a player can still use multiplayer, but is instead thrown into an “quarantine” queue with other players who have been softly blocked. In messages directed at softly banned players posted on Reddit, FromSoft said players should remove the item, Sometimes delete the entire save fileTo prevent themselves from commenting.

Fia’s underwear isn’t the only illegal ingredient in it elden ringAnd According to the players. A ban has reportedly been placed on Gesture “fetal position”. Polygon has reached out to publisher Bandai Namco for additional clarification.

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