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Elizabeth II embroiled in Eric Zemmour controversy: English newspapers on fire

Elizabeth II embroiled in Eric Zemmour controversy: English newspapers on fire

Eric Zemmour shared a picture of Elizabeth II armed on Twitter, so English newspapers only talked about it. The paramedic blinked at the emperor, who seemed to be carrying a weapon.

It did not take long for the English press to capture the matter. British tabloids Now we are only talking about Eric Zemor. At the Paris Arms Exhibition, he created controversy Pointing an unloaded gun at a reporter, At the same time I ask him ” Clear “. On Twitter, this Wednesday, October 20, he later shared Picture of Elizabeth II He caught a gun in 1993 In a shooting range. Full, With a red heart, Refers to a link with a previous scene in Paris. If the gesture creates prototypes in French, it will automatically be specified in the paragraphs Daily Express This Thursday, October 21st.

The English newspaper returned Reactions He shared the actions of Eric Zemor and the photo of the Queen. Among other things, British journalists have quoted. The words of Marilyn Schiap Angry Watch the Defendant pointing a gun at a journalist. “ This is scary. Especially after the serious announcement that “the power of the media should be reduced” 2, announced the Minister responsible for citizenship. She added: ” Press freedom in a democracy is not a joke And should never be threatened.

A personality mentioned in the presidential election

The Daily Mail The French election did not fail to recall the stand of Eric Zemor against Emmanuel Macron In the second round of the 2022 presidential election. However, he did not declare himself a candidate in this election. Seems like though Well prepared, Revealed on October 15 Le Figaro MagazineThe 63-year-old is already confirmed to be on hand 120 page program, Integrated A former Rothschild banker, now JPMorgan, Jonathan Natler “If he does nothing with the gun he can feel in Millipole in Paris, it remains to be seen what he will do with the project.

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