June 25, 2024


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Emily Mariko's $120 bag draws criticism

Emily Mariko's $120 bag draws criticism

Amber Fehrnbacher, a marketing executive who lives in Columbia, Missouri, also posted a video criticizing Ms. Mariko's bag. “In this economy?!??, she needs to read things,” wrote one commenter on Ms. Fehrenbacher’s video. Several other people suggested purchasing similar oversized bags from Ikea for a fraction of the price. Another wrote: “I'm confused, what's so special about this?”

“People have become, you know, very tired of influencers, for sure, especially since they're struggling to buy groceries to fit in said handbag,” Ms. Fernbacher, 37, said. Although she wasn't thinking about buying the bag herself, she thought there were lessons to be learned from Ms. Mariko's new business venture for other creatives.

Laura Rubin, a copywriter and business owner from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, wasn't surprised by the bag's price. I felt it was in keeping with the brand that Ms. Mariko had established for herself long ago.

“If you look at their content from day to day, the items you interact with are, for the most part, expensive,” Robin, 38, said. “It's out of cost for most people, so even when they go grocery shopping, they go to grocery stores that are usually more expensive for everyday items. When they go on trips, they're more luxurious trips,” Ms. Rubin also described Ms. Mariko's wedding in 2023, which has been extensively documented online.

“I think it was inappropriate for her to create something that was under $100,” she added.

The handbag is currently sold out.