May 27, 2022


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End of an era: Seahawks release legendary linebacker Bobby Wagner

End of an era: Seahawks release legendary linebacker Bobby Wagner

This chapter of Seattle Seahawks Football as we know it is over.

Bobby Wagner, future Hall of Fame midfielder and last remaining defensive member of the Seattle Seahawks Energy The 2013 winning team, will be released from their contract, freeing up $16 million in space.

While Russell Wilson’s trade surprised us all, this news was always a distinct possibility. Wagner was nearing the final year of his contract and was one of the most obvious potential victims, but March 8th nonetheless counts as one of the saddest days in the history of the Seahawks franchise.

Wilson and Wagner were taken into the same franchise-changing 2012 draft class and were fittingly the only players from that year’s roster who remained on the 2021 Seahawks.

I do not know what to say. Wagner is an 8x All-Pro pick, 2x leader in tackles (neither was in the 2021 season, amassing 170 tackles), a member of the 2010 All-Decade Team, and is simply one of the greatest Seahawks of all time and one of the greatest players of his generation. The Legion of Boom has garnered a lot of praise and fame, but the importance of Bobby Wagner over the years cannot be overstated.

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There is no “reboot” with the Seahawks if two of the most popular players leave on the same day. All the guys from Seattle’s greatest seasons are gone, only Pete Carroll and John Schneider remain. They will be responsible for another rebuild.

Thanks for everything, Bobby. And thanks for everything, Ross. We’ll honor them later in the week.