May 30, 2024


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English and Science, an excellent college competition

On Tuesday, May 18, for the first time at Jean-Jacques College, a competition between 3rd bilingual students asked, “Can you speak science?” Held under the title. The arbitral tribunal, consisting of college teachers and the English teachers of Lycee Jean-Moulin de Besenas, had to award marks based on a three-minute scientific communication program (on the “Famelaps” model). Candidate Science Promoters ”So, they spoke in English on a science subject.

Three minutes to convince

Seven candidates were to compete, but as the epidemic struck again one class had to close, eventually reducing the number of candidates to four students. Previously, the latter chose their subject and co-wrote their popular science script because the purpose was to send this knowledge to the audience in a simple language with structured and explicit text. They then worked on dramatizing this three-minute popular science into English and performing a communication activity with the audience, thus working on scientific content, clarity of words, transmission skills and self-confidence.

Work reward for the birth of lightning

Candidates were more comfortable with expression in English and content they knew. Scientific topics range from lightning and its effects, to the effects of the sun on fair and dark skin.

After the candidate’s presentation, the referee asked questions in French, including covering scientific ideas, translation of an English word, or a clarification. The winner, Gabriel Belain, gave his presentation on the birth of the Eclairs.

Sophie Coxmarkievich, an English teacher whose experience is very enduring and very involved in this project, says: “It is a real pleasure for me to see the growth of my students in cultivating trust and the joy of communicating in a foreign language.”. Of course prizes were distributed, including science and English related prizes. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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