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English certificate mandatory for licenses, but BUT and BTS?

Published on March 01, 2021

• Updated July 26, 2023

Marie-Lou Cassidt

You will now need a certificate in the English language to verify your National Licensing Diploma, your professional license or something. Condition applicable to BTS this year and from 2021 onwards. First information in this article.

English Certificate

To check the first cycle of higher studies, students registered license, Professional licenseIn Purpose (eg DUT) or even P.T.S Now to pass the compulsory English certificate. This will be established from the beginning of the 2020 academic year stopped And one Order Published in Official Journal on April 3, 2020.

This English certificate “Subject to evaluation by a body external to the institutions and recognized by the international and socio-economic world”refers to mandate.

Who should get English certificate?

Not all students will be affected at the same time by this compulsory certificate in English. The deployment of this new activity will be progressive depending on the specializations and diplomas produced.

For professional licenses and university licenses

from Back to University 2020Students preparing for a professional license or licensure in the following areas:

  • foreign and regional languages, literatures and civilizations;
  • Applicable foreign languages;
  • alphabets, languages;
  • and for double honors with a major in English Language.

For other references of university licenses in 2021.

Bud (University Bachelor of Technology)

as IUTThey will use these steps 2020 and 2021 school year For the following but special:

  • Logistics Management and Transportation
  • communication
  • Technical and Marketing
  • Multimedia and Internet Industries
  • Quality, industrial logistics and organization
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“As per 2022 Examination Session”BTS applicants must also provide proof of self-representation “At least a certificate in English”. And it’s for everyone BTS specials.

Compulsory English certificate sponsored by the government

The idea was already mentioned by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in 2018: “Ultimately, every student will have passed at the end of high school and finally at the end of their license. A Cambridge-type test, IELTS, is funded by the state, so it will provide recognized status everywhere abroad. »

Both texts implementing this certificate received negative votes from Cneser (National Council for Higher Education and Research) in 2019. The student organization Fage also voted against it, fearing that students would have to fund it.

As this certificate will be good, it will not be Supported by the stateOne confirmed in Sect “Student Life” (231) Finance Act, 2020.