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English church play

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At least 1,419 people have been killed in an earthquake in southwestern Haiti. On the south coast, many buildings made of concrete have collapsed and places of worship have been destroyed. In the British Commune, the church that was the pride of the citizens was destroyed by the earthquake.

With our Special Correspondent in Les English, Amelia Baron

On Saturday morning, Father Wilson celebrated the completion of the day at 6.30am with the Exantus Antoine. Before returning to celebrate baptism, he went to the rectum for coffee. That’s when the earthquake happened. With its bell tower in front, the Immaculate Conception is not opposed. Built in 1907, this small architectural gem is in ruins and the priest is grieved by the numerous victims recorded at this single place of worship.

Lots of people were under the rubble, but luckily we had a Taiwanese company involved in building a bridge at the city gate.Says the man of the church. We immediately called them, along with the people, and they helped us clear a lot of people from the rubble. Unfortunately, 17 or 18 of us died in church, and the majority of them were children: the elderly victim was only 24 years old.

In the square, residents of the small beach town speak in front of the ruins of their church, across the quake-hit area, reminiscing about where they were when the quake struck. And each describes a list of their relatives who were killed during the disaster.

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