July 14, 2024


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English Day 2023: It’s November 18!

English Day 2023: It’s November 18!

there English Day An online event organized by Cambridge to promote Learning and Teaching English In France, in collaboration with the British Council, with the support of the National Inspector General of Education, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the embassies of the United Kingdom and Canada .#FeteDeLAnglais .

Teachers, parents and the public will find information, advice and ideas for all levels of English. 7 conferences and 8 workshops are offered this year, including:

-Demystifying artificial intelligence… its role in language learning

The Future of English: Language Learning and Teaching in 2023

– Overcome your obstacles in English

But how do you stay motivated long-term in your learning or make your child bilingual…

Like every year since its creation in 2019, English Festival is a completely free event. Attend conferences and workshops, simply Register online.

To teachers

A workshop in English is also dedicated to teachersAt 14:

Planning vs. spontaneity

Teaching can be seen not as a process of carrying out plans, but as a creative interaction between plans, student responses and teacher development’ (Richards 1998). How much of your lessons are planned and how much are improvised? In this talk I want to explore the tension between planning and spontaneity, and argue that a balance is achievable, and not only achievable, but good for everyone involved.

A conference is more specifically dedicated to teachers At 11:

Digital technology and the development of student autonomy: Evidence from teachers

Digital tools and applications are now well integrated into English lessons in middle and high schools. How can they be used as levers to strengthen the engagement of English learners and better support the progress of all? Two teachers will testify to the development of students’ autonomy thanks to these tools both inside and outside the classroom. Françoise Parillaud and Matthieu Vaudin, general researchers of education, sports and research, will supplement these testimonies with some ways of future reflection on the role that artificial intelligence can play in the teaching of English in the short and medium term.

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willingly Speakers: 2 testimonies from Françoise Parillaud (General Inspector of Education, Sport and Research), Matthieu Vaudin (General Inspector of Education, Sport and Research) and secondary school teachers