June 17, 2024


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English for Kids by Pascal on Tours: An English School for Immersive Learning and Improvement from 1 Year

English for Kids by Pascal on Tours: An English School for Immersive Learning and Improvement from 1 Year

“English for Kids! By Pascal” was created 15 years ago A graduate of the Sorbonne with a master’s in translation, Pascal wanted to put her passion for the English language and Anglo-Saxon culture to work in the service of children. Convinced that English is above all a question of sharing, he has envisioned courses and workshops that will entertain the younger crowd of the tour. method English for kids! By Pascal Verified by the British Council, with Active teaching inspired by Montessori.

English for Kids is adapted to suit the age, level and goals of families. They take place in Tours city center at 15 rue de Sully.

  • English Awareness Lessons for Children from 1 Year:

From the age of 1, children are invited by British and American teachers to understand and express themselves in English in small groups of 4 to 6 children with their parents. Games, songs and stories let you progress quickly Immersion in the English Language. It’s best to start as early as possible (age 1 or 2)!

when English Awareness CoursesChildren will enjoy singing Nursery rhymes and songsask Storiesplay In the form of rituals, Learning happens slowly and surely. Nothing like a good time Learn English easily.

  • Courses for Kindergarten and CP :

3 to 5 years old Have sessionsAwakening in EnglishA with Fun teaching With mime games, again and again, songs, gymnastics, puppetry, plasticine, puzzles etc. Motivation is reinforced by the content of the sessions (musical and fun workshops), personalized loan of books etc.
– From 6 years old, learning is more structured, with the aim of improving understanding and communication. Children keep a notebook to establish vocabulary, comprehension and verbal expression.

  • For adults (6-11 years) :
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English for kids! Pascal provides and provides a classical, “school” education Preparation for 6th European or Bilingual And Cambridge English Course Maximum 6 students per course.

The school provides books to students so that they can rediscover the characters and stories seen in class and enjoy re-reading and sharing them with their families.

– When will the classes take place?
English offers for children Annual courses (1 hour per week) and Registration for the 2024 academic year is now open!
Every school holidayThere are Thematic courses Open to any new child.

– How is it going?
English is taught by A Educational Path 3 decorated rooms are equipped with games, posters, small tables and chairs suitable for children’s age.

♥ ♥ ♥ Kidiklik lets you do workshops for kids who love EnglishDouble learn English and other creative activities.

Best courses during holidays

Every holiday has it Fun and creative courses, in small groups,
✭ Internship Peppa Pig
✭ Internship London, New York Or America
✭ Internship I Love the music!
✭ Internship Cooking, food,
✭ Internship Water sports
✭ Internship Painting
✭ Internship Dinosaurs…

Find courses for the next holidays Click “Next Events” on Kidiklik’s calendar and under the photo.

Weekly Classes:

For children aged 1 to 2 years: Classes take place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings or after nap time on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (times to be confirmed)
Kindergarten 3-4 years or advanced 4-5 years : Watch with English for Kids! By Pascal
CP 6-8 years, CP advanced and advanced 7-8 years : Watch with English for Kids! By Pascal
Cambridge exam preparation courses ; Starters and Movers,

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English for Kids has English lessons in music! With a British professor who has a university degree in music, he accompanies students on piano and guitar!
I like singing For Kindergartens
I like to sing For ages 6 and up!

Find the best curriculum for your child:

The courses offered depend on the level and age of the child. Talk to Pascal, the founder of English for Kids, define with him what is most suitable for your child, and thanks to his experience, he will find the best formula for your child to love and progress in English. Our article English for Kids in Tours: Family English School 15 years showing how this Touraine family school has been unique!

Information and Registration: English for Kids, Pascal: 06 63 19 72 18 – [email protected]

Find all the English for Kids Tour courses, meetings and activities on the KidClick 37 calendar, and click “Upcoming Events” above.