July 14, 2024


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English journalist Antoine Dupont warns against more insidious disease than injury

English journalist Antoine Dupont warns against more insidious disease than injury

Image Credit: Rugby Boss

For the more serious English site rugby boss, journalist Gavin Mortimer looked at the DuPont case. Less than two years from the start World Cup On France A few weeks before the shock against the Blocks, the scrum was halfway everywhere. Chosen as the best player First 14 During rugby night, “He expressed his talent by inspiring himself alone Toulouse Towards victories against Clermont And Biarritz.“His presence on the pitch inspires his teammates as if to intimidate his opponents. Is this a sign of the heroes of this game? Some consider him the best player in the world today. Others may still doubt it. Rugby Boss Remember he did not When with 57% wins with the blues Aaron Smith Approximately 90%. “But imagine the damage DuPont could do if he played behind a dominant pack instead of the usual French scrum.“Despite being sent this big spike to the French forwarders, Mortimer does not hesitate to classify the Toulouse player as the greatest player in French rugby history. To analyze.  How did he push the security of Antoine DuPont BO to do what he wanted?To analyze. How did Antoine DuPont push BO’s defense to do what he wanted?This is a statement that will make more than one French supporter jump. The English journalist explains: “How many Frenchmen would have coordinated the beginning of the XV Lions British and Irish since 2001? Emanol Harinordokui, Nicholas Mass And Yannick Jauzion Surely. Fabian Palace, Vincent Clark And Theory Tussauds May be. But if born in DuPont Peak District (North-Central)England, ndlr.) and not in the Pyrenees, it would have been the first name given by Warren Cotland this summer. I don’t see any amateur period player competing for DuPont’s talent.“And Blancos, Rives, Rodriguez, Cella, Entomac and Papparemborde?” Mortimer believes they have neither DuPont’s consistency nor his commitment. Can we really compare how rugby was so different at that time?Admiration and Objective, Top 14 Scrum-Packs Draw a Portrait of Antoine DupontAppreciation and Objective, Top 14 Scrum-Packs Draw a Portrait of Antoine DupontOne thing is for sure, the Toulouse player is currently the biggest star in French rugby. In this case, no controversy is possible. We recently saw the set of Quotidian film. And he was a guest this week Mouloud Achsur Click to TV. He seems to be very easy on this training of television and media. DuPont is clearly the face of French rugby. But this stardom should not spoil his talent on the lawn. It is in this context that Gavin Mortimer warns against being born in Kostelnov-Magnok. We often say that the star team in rugby. However, before him, players like Sebastien Chappell and Frederick Mitchell Have been brought to the forefront.

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There is more God-given talent to Michel than Wilkinson. At his peak, in the early 2000s, Michellock was a sensation. He had everything. ” Competition against himIreland The quarterfinals of the 2003 World Cup marked the spirit. But he couldn’t stop Blues from beating Wilkinson’s England in the half. What served him before this match as well as business and media opportunities. “His beauty worked against him. He became the back-up of French rugby and he played with exaggeration. The French, like the “face” who sells games. At the 2003 World Cup, it was Mitchell, four years later Sebastien Chapel and in 2011 Franசois Trin-Doug.“All this attention, according to him, has been detrimental to their form during the Worlds and previous matches. In 2023, Antoine DuPont will be the face of France 2023.”Except that his talent is worthy of publicity“If France want to win the World Cup on home soil,” Dupont must be properly managed Defender Through his club and federation. The question is whether the lessons of the past have been learned.