June 25, 2024


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English: Prerequisite for better salary?

Faced with the globalization of trade, English has never been so valued as an international language. In the boundless labor market, proficiency in one or more languages ​​is an invaluable key to anticipating higher positions. French companies especially prefer candidates with quality language skills. Surely, English is one of the most popular languages, Shortly before German and Spanish. Unfortunately, France is one of the poorest European students when it comes to learning foreign languages. According to one The study, published in April 2019 by the European Eurostat Statistics Office, In 2016, our country ranked only 26th out of 34 European countries in terms of proficiency in at least one foreign language by people between the ages of 25 and 64.

Is English compulsory in many areas of operation?

Many professional fields today require proper mastery of the language of Shakespeare. In particular, it is for businesses related to tourism, travel, international trade, journalism, communications … in short, for all businesses that require exchange or contacts with other countries. However, it seems that the French are struggling to get enough English to apply for many jobs that require good job skills. According to one The study actually conducted By 2019, almost one in three French people will have already dropped out of the application due to their level of English. Failure to pass the Anglo-Saxon discourse is proof that there is a real barrier to employment in our area.

English, guaranteed a higher salary?

Some jobs require the right command of a high level of English or language. According to one Study conducted at Adzuna work site In 2017, this type of status will be displayed in general Higher pay About 19% compared to the French average. However, there is an imbalance depending on the field of operation. Therefore, accounting positions represent the most valuable places for mastery of the English language, with a salary of 19.7% higher than the average. On the other hand, this does not apply to engineers who underestimate their linguistic ability (pay + 2.2% compared to the average). In addition, fluency in English is a real strength of the candidate in the context of salary negotiations.

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