February 24, 2024


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English, Russian, French foreign language… A language school opens its doors in Vierzon

English, Russian, French foreign language… A language school opens its doors in Vierzon

It was probably the first language school in Vierzon. Lingua Franca has opened its doors in the business incubator of the Solon Technology Park in Vierzone. In the menu, English, Russian and French are foreign languages. The leader of the structure is Ulyana Slezko, 46, a Franco-Russian teacher. He has been living in Vierzone since 2017.

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One hundred and twenty students are already studying in this school, which is open to both adults and children. Ulyana Slezko first taught English to fifty students from the Borges military schools. He then speaks again, in Shakespeare’s language, to fifty students from the Ecima school in Borges. In addition, he provides English lessons to fourteen agents from Wierson Hospital on behalf of the Borges School of Wall Street English. Finally, it offers private or group lessons for all ages.

Holder of two masters

Ulyana Slezko has solid experience in teaching foreign languages. He holds a master’s degree in languages ​​and physics from Russia, as well as a master’s degree in linguistics and didactics from the Sorbonne (Paris). In addition, he is an examiner for Cambridge examinations, which certify the level of English. She holds a ZELDA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). “This certificate allows me to teach English anywhere in the world, regardless of the learners’ mother tongue,” says Uliana Slezko. Finally, he taught Russian at the Community Institute for Continuing Education (Imep) in Bourges.

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In his school, the director has restricted enrollment to ten or fourteen students per class to ensure quality education. While a student at the Sorbonne, she wrote a dissertation titled “Language Teaching Methods.” So it is inspired by various methods for students. Classes can be held on site, via video, at school or at work. Last June, he found himself without a job, and the teacher decided to create a language school. Eric Larsevk, who finds her, helps her. His wife is of Russian descent.

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Other languages ​​at work

Ulyana Slezko did not want to stop with one hundred and twenty students. “The idea is to have a full-fledged language school,” he explains. I want to create posts that ensure the quality of education. My plan is to offer multiple languages ​​such as German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. »

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Practice. Lingua Franca Language School, Georges-Zarbuk in Vierzon, Solon Technology Park. Website: www.linguafranca-edu.com. Register at or email [email protected].