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English, Spanish, German … 5,146 students study one or more foreign languages ​​at Verson

European Languages ​​Day will be held on Sunday, September 26th. Opportunity to deal with language teaching at Verson. From Nursery School to BDS, less than 5,146 students study one or more foreign languages. Currently seven languages ​​are read: English (compulsory everywhere except kindergarten), German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish and Arabic.

In kindergarten, At Notre Dame-Saint-Joseph School, all students learn English from the small section four hours a week. Even a native English teacher who teaches lessons. But the 723 students of the public are not forgotten. “For kindergarten, we are talking about raising linguistic diversity in English in playful situations (games, nursery rhymes),” notes National Education Inspector Claude Cheney.

In elementary school, All students, without exception, take English lessons. In government schools, one and a half hours per week is provided by trained teachers. An English-speaking assistant will work at Parknewf Elementary School from October. In Notre Dame-Saint-Joseph, school students take lessons three hours a week. Ideally, in CM1, they also follow a startup in German and Spanish. After classes, from November, public school students will have the opportunity to follow the International Curriculum (EILE) for foreign students. Three languages ​​are offered in Versailles: Arabic, Turkish and Portuguese.

In all colleges Vierzon is mandatory in the English (4 hours 6th, 3rd, 5th, 4th and 3rd hours of the week) program. Albert-Camus’ 4th and 3rd year has the opportunity to take two extra hours of English through European Languages ​​and Cultures (LCE). By Year 6, most high school students can take a bilingual class in German or Spanish. In Year 5, college students can continue in a bilingual class or start a second modern language that may be German or Spanish. In addition, language assistants will work at oudouard-Vaillant, Albert-Camus and Fernand-Léger colleges.
Three high schools (Wild, Prison and Saint-Joseph) English and Spanish and German for the first two. Oudouard-Vaillant also offers Italian as a fourth language. The institute also has two European divisions: English (82 students) and Spanish (24 students). Two high school students study another language via Cned: first, Italian and second, Arabic. In addition, an assistant in Spanish from Venezuela will be intervening in Prison and Wyland High Schools from Monday. An English assistant from Kenya will go to Prison High School.

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In BDS Offered by three high schools, only English is in the program.

Benoit Morin

Number of students learning foreign languages ​​in Verson

Public and private BTS
English: 157

Government and private high schools
English: 1,680
Spanish: 996
German: 214
Portuguese: 7
Italian: 1 (via Cned)
Arabic: 1 (via Le Cned)

Government and Private Colleges
English: 1,773
Spanish: 1,448
German: 258

Government and private primary schools
English: 1,490
Spanish: 45
German: 35

International Teaching of Foreign Languages ​​(Public Schools)
Arabic: 143
Turkey: 78
Portuguese: 65

Private Kindergarten (Notre Dame-Saint-Joseph) English: 46