June 26, 2022


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English supporters arrested in Munich for Nazi salutation and indecency / League of Nations / J2 / Germany-England / SOFOOT.com

Some people really need a vacation. It is better to be far away from the stadiums.

The poster between Germany and the UK has not yet started (tonight at 8:45 pm) and supporters who are attending have already made their mark, The Press Association said. And the nonsense list is too long. In downtown Munich on Monday, three Englishmen were arrested for giving a Nazi salute. Came to know another Polizei After being set on fire inside his hotel room, Mario Palotelli way. Material damage is estimated at 2000 euros. Finally, Wayne Rooney arrested four more nationals. They insulted the police and urinated on the street.

Incidents have also increased between German and English supporters. Many pubs had to close their doors. Between 30 and 50 people were involved in a fight Monday evening. More new clashes to be feared: English supporters buy tickets at the German sections of the Alliance arena. A further 700 police officers will be deployed, according to PA media.
At this rate, LFP will follow.

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