February 25, 2024


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English words that the French have trouble pronouncing

English words that the French have trouble pronouncing

10 English words that have difficulty pronouncing for French

If you have not yet picked up English lessons online, It is very possible that you have some difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds and words in Shakespeare’s language. Here is an incomplete list, which, of course, will not replace the best online English courses, but it will give you a little overview and preparation!

Complete and via = “fuh-ruh” and “froo”

The sound “th” does not exist in French, and how do you know that “ough” is pronounced differently in two words!

The beach is pronounced “beach”, But the French could not pronounce the word like a female dog, much to the delight of most Englishmen!

Hedgehog (hedgehog) is pronounced “HEJ” + “Hawk”.

In English, the word is pronounced as it is written, but it is always a little difficult for French speakers to say! It pours!

Jewelry = “Jul-ri”

Hard to pronounce with a confusing “w” and extra “e” confusing the pronunciation of French speakers!

Squirrel (squirrel) = “sque-rul”

It is as difficult for English speakers to pronounce English as it is for French speakers (see below).

Rural = “Roar”

No more English words pronounced …

Clothes = “clo-fs”

Such a simple word, but French speakers still struggle with the “th” and “es” in the middle of the word and often pronounce it “clos-is”.

Anger (anger) and hunger (to be hungry) = “Ang-ri” “Hung-ri”

Do not be confused with the new word “Hungry” which means you are angry because you are hungry! These words are easily confused, but as long as you pronounce “h” in “hungry” you should be clear on what emotion you are referring to.

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Work (to work) and walk (to walk) = “wer-k” and “worl-k”.

Again, two simple words that are often confused due to very similar pronunciation. How fun it is to “walk” in the way “work” should sound! I’m not saying the English language is easy!

But for your information I am not saying that French is also easy என்றால் If this is any comfort, here are some words that English speakers will have difficulty pronouncing when learning French!

  • King
  • Many
  • Unexpectedly
  • Getty
  • Squirrel, welcome, To collect
  • Egg
  • Eye
  • Chair

So, there seems to be a lot of difficult words to pronounce in both languages. Remember that becoming a liar and practicing English online is the only way to become (almost) an English speaker.

To complete and finish your learning, here is a compilation Tongue twisting Or “tongue twisters” which will greatly enhance your pronunciation. Be careful, they increase the difficulty.

  • Three free throws.
  • One of the happy hippos jumped and hiccuped
  • Close the shutter and sit in the store
  • Which witch is which?
  • Really rural.
  • As we walked, we saw window washers washing Washington’s windows with warm laundry water.
  • The sixty-sixth sheep of the Sikh Sikh became ill
  • A skunk sat on a stump and stumped the stump, but the stump skunk blew the stench away.
  • Rory the Warrior and Roger the Warrior were mistreated in a rural brewery.

Practice well! An interview next week!