June 16, 2024


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English workshops with Letitia Bessa

English workshops with Letitia Bessa

Learning Shakespeare’s language for fun is the idea of ​​Letitia Bessa, an English teacher at the Jean-Monet Vocational High School in Fouleronnes. Since 2018, she has held mini-school workshops for children in nursery and primary schools on Wednesday afternoons at the Saint-Martin room in Foulayronnes. Lessons last one hour: “The mini-schools method is to learn English with games, songs, nursery rhymes. It’s about conversation, basic vocabulary and grammatical structures are acquired through play,” explains the teacher. During the year-end program, the children were able to meet their parents who were happy with their success.

During the association forum, she was happy that other parents showed interest in the method. Will they take steps to register their offspring? That is the question! Yes, that is the question. Financially, the cost of 12 euros per hour over twenty-five sessions represents a total of 300 euros. A new one will appear this year. Enrolls middle school students in grades 6 and 5. These courses will commence on Wednesday 4th October. 4:30 pm: Nursery school children. 5:30 pm: Primary school children. 6:30 pm: Class 6 and 5 students. Information and registration 06 86 78 91 54 or [email protected].

Assad. Folayron Home Care and Help Association (ASSAD) recruits Life Assistants and Qualified Care Assistants for home care. Full or part-time, flexible hours. B license and vehicle required. CV and cover letter should be sent to ASSAD, Place De-Lattre-de-Tassigny – 47510 Foulayronnes. Such. 05 53 95 86 50, Email: [email protected].

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Theater. “Alternating Parking” is the title of the play, which will be performed Saturday, October 7th at 8:30 pm at the Galleon, by the troupe La Dame Blanche. The Bruno Macheboff team was invited by the Carito Senegal association, in collaboration with the municipality, led by Marie-Claude Adier. It’s a Ray Cooney comedy. Price: 12 euros. Bookings 06 16 70 49 70.