May 20, 2024


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Environment, United Kingdom, Violin: Cloudless English Tea

Environment, United Kingdom, Violin: Cloudless English Tea

Experts in mergers and acquisitions are well aware of it: “Happiness without annoyance”, the proverbial Albion’s proverb, may appear in the pediment of the “Competition and Markets Authority” (CMA), its “Bobby” competition. However, Violia had not yet let the British cloud of hope that had been floating in the joy of its merger for sixteen months wander. Won hard In conjunction with Suez.

The French federation created the lion’s share of waste management across the channel in a decade. Team led by Antoine Frérot It was clear from the beginning that the discussion with the CMA would not take place over a cup of tea. But like Moriak with Germany, it loves the tricolor so much that it wants two representatives on its soil.

From his “inability” to condemn, the new champion of “environmental change” creates a financial opportunity. Infrastructure and private equity funds estimate this type of performance at 15 to 20 times EBITDA, Resale of Suez waste (Approximately 2% of the group’s turnover), bringing in between 2.5 2.5 and 4 3.4 billion, will allow it to immediately recoup its expected synergies value to offset its costs and reinvest elsewhere, especially in energy. “The best day, the best action”, as they say throughout the channel

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