April 20, 2024


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Esport – League of Legends: JL, English Commentary and Physics Events, French Round Emerging

Work life at four points

Toma “Tommy” Abdelloy: “We wanted to use this name for a long time. We were looking for an opportunity. When we decided to start the group, it was clear that it would be called Joblife.”
Ambitions and team
“We are going to do what we can, but we want to succeed. From the present and the beginning of history, we have been giving ourselves the means to achieve our goals. We will see what happens, but we are very happy with what we can announce.”
Where did the project come from?
“The idea came a long time before it was realized. We expected it to be economically or experience-sustainable before embarking on such important projects. We felt the field, we were very organized, although we did not have to give the impression (To laugh) Every person in JL House has a specific role to play. Each one is decided according to his or her field. The practice is to trim the exterior frequently. “
How to comment on team matches
“We are playing League of Legends For a long time. Some of our fans know the game well and keep watching us. We received excellent feedback after the announcement, so we are confident in that regard! For those who don’t really know the game, we will be there to explain it to them. “

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