May 20, 2024


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Everything announced at Google I/O so far

Everything announced at Google I/O so far

picture: Google

You only need two words to describe the latest edition of Google’s big annual developer shebang: AI. correct; Google I/O I touched on a slew of new features coming to Mountainview’s software ecosystem, specifically what they could be coming to It is still in beta Android 15. Much of these updates announced on day one were focused on improvements to Gemini that will put AI front and center across all of Android and every time you search on Google.

Gemini, first announced in I/O last year, is becoming more established on current and future Pixel phones. Soon, users will be able to access Gemini as an overlay on top of any app, which will allow them to import AI-generated text or images if you really can’t take the time to write out some birthday wishes for your boss. More capabilities are coming to Circle to Search and Gemini Nano, which should make them better able to read and understand text, images, or audio.

For those who are tired of the constant bashing of AI (AI was mentioned 121 times in the keyword alone), Google’s presentation won’t leave you very happy. However, at the very least, you might find one or two new features amidst the chaos that might be useful in your regular day-to-day life

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