July 14, 2024


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Ezra Miller to play Salvador Dali in prequel to The Flash – The Hollywood Reporter

Ezra Miller to play Salvador Dali in prequel to The Flash – The Hollywood Reporter

Ezra Miller and Ben Kingsley portray famous artist Salvador Dali in the first trailer for the upcoming biopic Daliland.

The location of the film, directed by Mary Haroun (American Psycho) was released Thursday prior to the film’s June 9 release in theaters and on demand. Magnolia Pictures snatched the film after its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Daliland It centers on a gallery assistant, played by newcomer Christopher Brainy, who is tasked with helping Daly (Kingsley) prepare for a landmark 1970s show amidst the artist’s strained relationship with his wife, Gala (Barbara Sokowa). Miller portrays a younger version of the surrealist painter in flashback scenes.

“Death — it scares me, and that’s the basis of my inspiration,” Kingsley said during an emotional moment in the footage.

Rupert Graves, Andrea Pejic, and Suki Waterhouse also appear in the film, which features a script by John C. Walsh. The producers are Daniel Brent, Chris Curling, Edward R. Pressman, Sam Pressman, and David O. Sachs.

Miller, using the pronouns they/they, is the star of Warner Bros. A long-awaited superhero movie the light, scheduled for release on June 16. The long-awaited title has been the focus of speculation due to Miller’s personal issues, including a series of headlines surrounding the arrests and controversies. Miller released a statement in August saying they were seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues”.

during an interview with Hollywood Reporter Published in September, Aaron said that Miller “arrived on set with a perfectly realized performance” of the Daliland. The director explained that Miller was initially cast as a showrunner but had to switch to a smaller role due to scheduling conflicts with his role in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets.

in Daliland For review Hollywood ReporterFilm critic John DeFore wrote, “Much of the talk about the premiere will have to do with the scandal-plagued Ezra Miller, who plays the entertainer briefly as a young man; but this part of the acting proves too apt, and the film deserves its judgment – as interesting and instructive.” , if very familiar with storytelling – apart from that popular epic.”

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