March 3, 2024


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Fallout London, the DLC remaster of Fallout 4, gets a new release date closer to the Prime Video Show

Fallout London, the DLC remaster of Fallout 4, gets a new release date closer to the Prime Video Show

Fallout London, the “DLC-sized mod” for Fallout 4 from Team FOLON, has received an in-depth new trailer and a release date of April 23, 2024 — just under two weeks after the premiere of Prime Video's Fallout.

Fallout London was delayed back in June from Q3 2023 to Q4 to make room for Starfield. However, it looks like the team needs more time to get this tweak right. To help with the wait, they have been shared A 13-minute overview of Fallout London This shows exactly why the world is so excited about him.

FOLON team shared the news on x/twitter, Saying, “Although the content was completed as planned, after careful consideration, we realized that our testing process may not be as robust as we would like.”

“To be honest, the main factor influencing this decision is the composition of our scripting team,” the FOLON team continued. “A large portion of our team members come from a conflict-affected area, which understandably affected their focus on modification. As such, it caused us to fall behind schedule. We were only able to manage through smart reorganization and retraining of team members. To catch up On board, but that came at the expense of testing.

“Our commitment is to provide you with an experience as polished and as close to flawless as possible. We only have one shot at the first release. We aim to deliver an unforgettable Fallout London experience and want to avoid any release issues, such as those that have plagued other communities or the industry. “It was expected recently. Therefore, we have made the decision to err on the side of caution and choose to postpone. This new date will not only allow us to finish comprehensive testing, but is also in line with the anticipation surrounding the fallout TV series.”

The FOLON team also took the time to address Fallout 4's upcoming next-gen patch that is set for 2024, sharing that it has no plans to release the mod on the new patch at the moment.

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“We also acknowledge the situation with the new Bethesda Fallout 4 update, and while we do not plan to release Fallout London in the new update, we cannot anticipate what changes they may implement,” the FOLON team said. “However, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bring our modification to you as soon as possible on our new release date.”

For more, check out the news that the team had to cut a character inspired by Queen Elizabeth and King Charles and how Bethesda continues to offer jobs to Fallout London modders.

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