February 25, 2024


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False meaning in the middle of football: two stars of the English Championship are in a relationship and revealed it to their teammates

False meaning in the middle of football: two stars of the English Championship are in a relationship and revealed it to their teammates

The material is still sensitive, but every step forward counts tremendously. Two players from the English Football Championship have announced to their teammates that they are in a relationship. They have not yet dared to make their names public.

Two Premier League (English Football Championship) players have made an unprecedented announcement to their teammates. Both gay men had announced to their team’s locker room that they were indeed in a relationship.

According to The Sun newspaper“Even though it’s no longer a secret in the locker room, stars are reluctant to say it publicly.”

Emergence in the world of high-level sports is rare and usually occurs later in the player’s career. In England, Blackpool player Jack Daniels, who came out as gay last May, said he was accepted by his teammates. But this example is rare.

“Why should they hide?”

The news comes as a documentary on a topic still taboo in the world of football is set to be released soon. The documentary follows the English international, a star of the Premier League, wondering if he is still active.

According to The Sun, the two players have been in a short-term relationship, and the newspaper quoted a close source as saying they “don’t see the need to hide from their teammates – why would they?” While the tabloid did not reveal the name of the club or the players, the latter noted that the two players had “the support of the manager and the club’s hierarchy”.

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“During the season they want to focus on their football and don’t want to say it publicly yet.” “Their performance should not be judged based on this information.”

Thus, their teammates were ordered to “not say anything publicly to protect their privacy”.

A few years ago another English newspaper, Glass, had published information about the upcoming release of two England players. At that time, this announcement was not made. Will the society of 2022 evolve beyond that of 2015? At present the environment may seem very favorable. The positive reaction of these two players from their teammates indicates that.

“Helping Gays and Lesbians Become More Accepted”

Published in 2021 by Stubborn journalismA study by Media Outsports went in this direction since 95% of college and high school students in the United States and Canada surveyed indicated that their teammates’ or teammates’ reactions to their outing were “neutral” to “fair.” .

In 2014, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, South African Navi Pillai, called on gay athletes, particularly footballers, to come out. In his opinion, an attitude that helps gays and lesbians to be accepted in the world.