February 25, 2024


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Farewell to the Queen: English riders pay tribute to her

Farewell to the Queen: English riders pay tribute to her

Equestrians line the route of the royal procession to London for the funeral on September 19, honoring the Queen of England’s 70-year reign. A symbolic tribute in recognition of Elizabeth II’s love for this animal.

Equestrians meet to pay their respects as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin crosses England ahead of a national funeral at Westminster Abbey in London, Monday, September 19.

They were just a few hundred people who met near the M90 ​​this Sunday, September 11. The royal procession route from Balmoral to Edinburgh. And to say goodbye to the queen for the last time, the English unite themselves and show unity.

Trente-two horse and forty footmen

Cheap family owns land on this road. ” I posted a message on Facebook on Saturday evening to let the people of the area know that they could share this moment with us. I told myself that two or three people would come at most. Well no, a lot more people came and it was great “, Emma Seib tells Media Horse & Hound. Also, on this Sunday, thirty-two horses and riders and forty footmen moved. “ It was a moment that will not soon be forgotten “, she describes. On the strength of the Queen’s seventy-year reign, this improvised group brought together all generations. Both members of the local pony club and the elderly. And they didn’t hesitate to move for the occasion. According to Emma Seib, some riders took more than forty minutes to catch a glimpse of the hearse carrying the Queen’s body. .” We all came to celebrate Rani and pay our respects to the life she dedicated for us », supports Emma Comb.

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As part of the London Bridge protocol, the body of the Queen, who died aged 96, will be placed in the lobby of the Palace of Westminster. Thus, prominent personalities and public can pay their last respects to him.