June 17, 2024


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Fireworks now benefit from the English translation

Camera Game announced the release today English His horror and puzzle game Fireworks, Now available on Steam, Epic and GOG.

In the remote Chinese mountain town, soldiers enter the shoes of new detective Lynn Lixon. Lynn, who is involved in a pre-closed investigation into the death of an entire family, must find out what really happened: was it an unnatural event or a comprehensive murder?

The story of the fireworks begins when junior officer Lynn Lixon arrives to investigate the burning coffin set in the remote mountain town of Kington. Taking control of the rare gifted officer Lynn who interacts with the dead, the soldiers begin to investigate the cause of the incident, but soon drag themselves into the greatest mystery and hide behind the evil forces inside. Utilizing Lynn’s supernatural abilities, the players unravel hidden mysteries, unraveling the supernatural mysteries left by the dead, and revealing the truth behind this past tragedy.

Inspired by watercolor paintings, textbooks, the creator’s memoirs and horror movies he saw in the 80’s, Fireworks revives with its unique visual style. Proudly inspired by horror, Pan-Asian culture and folk tales, the elements and traditions of creating a dark and oppressive atmosphere evoke a sense of dread and dread rather than re-believing fears as you go. Let the players discover the scary story.

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