May 20, 2024


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First Look at HOH's Room for Season 24 of Big Brother is all about red, white, and blue (and it's pretty cool)

First Look at HOH’s Room for Season 24 of Big Brother is all about red, white, and blue (and it’s pretty cool)

Big brother The twenty-fourth season is approaching CBS and its viewers Paramount + subscribers Hungry for any and all details about what’s to come. CinemaBlend Recently shared some new details That fans should get excited about before Premiere of a 90-minute live animated movieAnd now we take a first look at this season’s HOH bedroom!

The head of the family is the most powerful person in the family Big brother The house, and assuming there is no development in jeopardy this season, it is clear that they play a big role in deciding who stays and who goes. This season definitely showcases that power to the max, as it looks like HOH will be holding the court in one of the most gorgeous looking (and possibly patriotic) rooms we’ve seen in a while:

(Image credit: CBS)

house theme for Big brother Season 24 is said to be “mid-century Palm Springs,” and there’s definitely some classic beauty on display in this room. I especially like the use of red and blue throughout, and how well they are complemented by the white marble and other elements. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that episodes debuting in the same week as the Fourth of July feature such a noteworthy color scheme.