April 18, 2024


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Fitness +: Apple can offer exercises in languages ​​other than English

Apple’s “Fitness Man” Jay Blanick toured the food to promote the launch of his Fitness + service in 15 new countries. Including France and Switzerland. In the Brazilian newspaper Globe, Which suggests the possibility of recorded training in languages ​​other than English.

This can be annoying for a few users: Fitness + videos are only available in English with subtitles and Apple is not suited to dub them. Blahnik believes that users are “delighted” to experience service in the language spoken by the instructor, who prefer to listen intuitively rather than dubbing music outside.

After all, he says he is completely open to the idea of ​​providing videos produced by practitioners of different languages: ” Our goal is to help people get in good shape. We want to attract as many users as possible and make the experience as pleasant as possible “Fitness + less than a year and service will continue to develop.” Over time, there will be a need for content [dans d’autres langues que l’anglais] He agrees.

The service is set to launch in France.

Although most training sessions are followed without much difficulty with verses, the language barrier can be a barrier for some.

Apple Fitness +: Sneak Peek of the new service with sweat

Apple Fitness +: Sneak Peek of the new service with sweat

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