June 16, 2024


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Five Italians, three English and no French: UEFA reveals its eleven-class euro

This is the eleventh with an Italian accent drawn by UEFA on Tuesday. There are actually five players on this regular Euro 2020 regular squad from Nazional, the tournament’s best winner. In addition to Gianluigi Donnarumma on goal, there are currently: Leonardo Ponucci, Leonardo Spinasola, Jorgino and Federico Cisa. England, who lost at Wembley on Sunday night, can convince themselves with three players in the system: Maguire, Walker and Sterling.

Despite being knocked out by Belgium in the quarter-finals, four-goal scorer Romelu Lukaku is leading the attack. A great prize for the Inter Milan striker who won the match against five goal authors Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrick Schick. In the middle, there is the exceptional Petri with Spain. Impressive in Denmark, perhaps this amazing team of Euro 2020, Pierre-Emil Hodgeberg is also there.

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