April 20, 2024


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Five non-English … in English

“Talkie Walkie”, “Jogging”… These words borrowed from Shakespeare’s language do not have the same meaning in English. Compile.

Sometimes switching back and forth between languages ​​gives surprising results. Be a witness to some of the English principles we have adopted in French. They have no meaning in the United Kingdom or the United States in their native country. Word “Jogging” For example, assigns a race with us, but also refers to a sportswear. But don’t try to borrow someone to run to your American reporter. He may look at you with wide eyes. In English, it is said to be clothing “Track is following” . This is a collection of some of the “misleading English”, which takes place in French.

A driver

English is on the rise. Prevents entry into stores at specific times, especially after repeated arrests and curfew orders. The “Driver” French means remote order in a shop or restaurant. Material that is not in English. Drive Has meaning “Walk”, “Avenue”, “Rural areas”, “Competition” Where “Required”. To drive Meaning “Drive, steer”, “chase, push”Where“Provoke”, Larousse reports. To qualify for remote command, English speakers say Drive through.

Check out a clip

“Brewery”, “Charger”, “Necklace”But “Feet” And “Charger”, “To cut”, “To knock” And “முறைக்க”. This is what the word means on the other side of the channel. Feeling completely different from us. In France, this refers to a video that explains a song and presents the works of an artist. In English, The Clip Is a “Small part” In film, radio and television. But here it is identical “Cut”, Do we read in the dictionary?.

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Sound awakening

Contrary to what one might think, The Noise Is not an English word. Beyond our boundaries, we say Noise. Our word is nothing but trademark name, created in English from Greek to United States Classin, “Cry, sound loud”, Emphasizes the French Academy. This is the brand name by which a manufacturer originally distributed this tool. Specifies CNRTL.

Gossip on the walkie-talkie

The language is playful. The “Talkie Walkie” Is in English, in the same way this small handheld transceiver refers to the radio set in short range. With a subtlety. The word is reversed among English speakers. They say: Walking talking tool. For some unknown reason, we took it by changing the order of the words. It was passed WalkieDerived from Speak, “Speak”And in WalkieFrom To walk, “Walk”, Informs the French language treasury.

Clay pigeon shooting

“Error”. Here is the answer given when looking for this word in online English dictionaries. And for good reason, Clay pigeon shooting Simply not. Shooting enthusiasts are well aware of this word, which in our country refers to a spring-loaded device that blows plates in the air in which they train with a gun. Our “Clay Pigeon Shooting (“Ball traps” Created in the plural) step Ball, “Ball” And Trap, “Talent”. That is said in English Clay shooting.