June 25, 2024


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Former The Division developers reveal Exoborne at The Game Awards 2023

Former The Division developers reveal Exoborne at The Game Awards 2023

The main developers are behind Tom Clancy section We take the dark zone shooting mechanics of that game and build an entirely new post-apocalyptic shooter around that idea. Their new game is called Exoburnand was revealed on Thursday at The Game Awards.

Developed by SharkMob, Exoburn Its creators described it as an open-world tactical shooter set in a world “torn apart by apocalyptic forces of nature.” Mother Nature makes herself known in various forms: tornadoes, thunderstorms, landslides and earthquakes have devastated the southeastern United States, where… Exoburn He was appointed.

Players will take on the role of Reborn: human survivors equipped with special implants that allow them to control powerful suits of armor called Exo-Rigs. “You are what you carry,” said Peter Manerfelt, Creative Director at the company. Exoburn And former game director of to divide During his tenure at Ubisoft.

In a press preview for the new Sharkmob game, Mannerfelt said players will descend on locations across the fictional Colton County region, searching for resources and technology; Fight roaming bandits and other players; They try to survive with what they have until they reach the point of extraction. Manerfelt stressed that this is not a game of looting and shooting Exoburn It has no RPG style progression or mechanics. It’s all about the gear in your loadout.

A look at the devastation in Colton County and the Stratus Towers designed to stop climate catastrophe

Image: Sharkmob/Infinite Level

This gear includes weapons and upgrades for the player’s Exo-Rig. Each Exo-Rig will have its own strengths and weaknesses, with synergies between allied groups in multiplayer. Not only are Exo-Rigs essential for surviving combat and deadly elements, but they’re also essential for traversal. Verticality and fast movement are enabled by these suits, thanks to the built-in hooks and gliders. Players can also navigate through Colton County using zip lines and vehicles scattered throughout the game’s maps.

while Exoburn It has multiplayer elements, including PvP and public events, and the developers stressed that it can be played solo as well. Sharkmob also promises an “exciting and evolving story” that will be told through game updates.

Exoburn It will be a paid game with live service and content updates; It’s not a free-to-play game, reflecting the growing trend of game publishers moving away from that model for live service games. Exoburn It will also face increasing competition in the shooter space in the coming years, with Embark Studios. ARC RaidersBenji MarathonAnd PUBG game maker Krafton Black Badget Project Promising similar thrills. where Exoburn She hopes to distinguish herself in her environments; The developers promised that you can throw your opponent into a tornado if your firefight is not going well.

Exoburn It will be coming to PC and consoles sometime in 2024.

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