July 14, 2024


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Fred Savage shot from The Wonder Years

Fred Savage shot from The Wonder Years

Fred Savage has been kicked out years of wonder Rebooted after investigating several complaints of misconduct in his role as executive producer and director.

“Recently, we became aware of allegations of inappropriate behavior by Fred Savage, and as with policy, an investigation has been launched,” a spokesperson for Disney TV 20 said. Statement of the deadline Friday.

Upon its completion, the decision was made to terminate his employment as executive producer and director years of wonder. “

Limit She reported that Savage – who appeared on the original ’80s series – exhibited inappropriate behavior and had verbal outbursts throughout production.

Savage played Kevin Arnold on The Sixties and Seventies Show for six seasons from 1988-1993. He was the youngest actor to be nominated for an Emmy Award when he started the show at the age of 12.

This isn’t the first time Savage has been accused of misconduct. star from years of wonderAlley Mills, who played his mother Norma, said in 2018 that the original show was canceled after a former fashion designer filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Savage, then 16, and co-star Jason Hervey, who was 20 year at the time. outside the court.

Left to Right: Josh Saviano, Ally Mills, Dan Loria, Olivia Dabo, Fred Savage and Jason Hervey from The Wonder Years.

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However, Mills went on to dismiss the suit as “ridiculous”, saying that Savage was “the least offensive, most wonderful, and kindest human that ever walked the face of the earth”.

Monique Long, the woman who accused 16-year-old Savage, said Limit He and Hervey were “verbally and physically harassing her”.

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In response to Mills’ rejection of her allegations, she said Limit“My only response to Mrs. Mills’ slander is that it proves exactly why women in industry are forced to remain silent about sexual harassment.”

In 2015, a member of the crew worked on The Savage Show Mill He also accused him of attacking and harassing her on the set. However, Savage was acquitted after an investigation and described the allegations as “absolutely unfounded and totally untrue”.

Savage is married to real estate agent Jennifer Lynn Stone and they have three children. He has yet to respond to his dismissal or the allegations.