February 24, 2024


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Freed Israeli hostage Mia Schem describes her terrifying captivity

Freed Israeli hostage Mia Schem describes her terrifying captivity

Nearly a dozen Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders were killed in an airstrike by the Israeli army.

Israel bombed Damascus International Airport on Thursday evening, killing 11 high-ranking members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, according to Saudi media.

The leaders were reportedly meeting at the airport preparing to meet a delegation.

Among the dead was Nour Rashid, commander of the Revolutionary Guards in eastern Syria, according to the Jerusalem Post.

This strike was one of several as Israel continues its strategic bombing throughout the region.

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Mr. Reza Mousavi, was killed in an Israeli raid last Monday in the Damascus area.

Iran executed four individuals after officials claimed they had links to Mossad in Israel

Iran executed four Israeli citizens this week on allegations that they were members of the Mossad intelligence network.

Local media from within the Islamic State reported that the four agents were executed and several other accused agents were sentenced to prison.

Iran identified the four Israeli citizens killed as Fava Hanara, Aram Omri, Rahman Berhazo, and Nassim Namazi.

Namazi was the only victim.

Iranian officials accused the alleged agents of targeting members of the Iranian intelligence community by setting fire to their cars and

Tensions between the two countries have already reached a boiling point after an Israeli airstrike in Syria killed one of the most famous Iranian Revolutionary Guard generals.

General Razi Mousavi was buried north of Tehran on Thursday in a basket wrapped in a flag.

Freed Israeli hostage talks about captivity: “I went through a Holocaust”

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Mia Schem, the woman who was taken hostage by Hamas during the deadly October 7 attacks and released back to safety in November, speaks candidly about her experience in terrorist custody.

“It was important for me to think about the real situation of people living in Gaza — who they are, and what I went through there,” she told Israeli Channel 13 news.

Shim, 21, told Channel 13 that while she was being held hostage by Hamas, she was transferred to residential homes in the Gaza Strip.

“These are families under Hamas rule. “Later, I suddenly realized that I was with a family,” she told the outlet. “Suddenly, I started asking myself questions. Why am I in the family home? Why are there children here? Why is there a woman here?”

Schem is a dual French-Israeli citizen, who was kidnapped from a party on Kibbutz Reim on October 7.

“I will never forget this date,” Mia wrote earlier this month in a social media post. “The pain and the fear, the hard scenes, the friends that won't come back, and the friends that we have to bring back. But we will keep winning – and we will keep dancing!”