June 18, 2024


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French as seen by the British

French as seen by the British

They entertained their friends with words like custard tongue candy, English key, English hood. I thank Thierry from Voillecomte in Haute-Marne for sending me photos of English wrenches and French wrenches to improve my tool culture. We call them English hoods, the English call them French letters, and to our neighbors across the Rhine they are Parisian.

If we qualify, more or less legally, English, English-speakers will gladly return many of the everyday objects. That We call it a kiss, and for them it’s a French kiss. From Spain through Italy to Denmark, one wonders if it was not actually invented in France. This method of kissing is called “French”.

It’s not for nothing that the French retain this old reputation as hot rabbits. To continue this love affair… but negatively, To the British, syphilis is the French pox. Again, they’re not the only ones : Germans and Italians also describe this STD as the “French disease”. Thanks to the neighbors.

The appearance of fleas is attributed to its neighbors

To put things in perspective, in Moscow we talk about “Polish evil”, in Poland “German evil”, Flemish, Dutch and North Africans say “Spanish evil”, Portuguese say “Spanish evil”. Castilian”, and the Japanese and Indians speak of “Portuguese evil”.

In the end, this disease comes from America. Conquerors imported it to Europe. In short, the Spaniards (here they are condemned).

In the same way, A fever which the French described as Spanish, At the beginning of the 20th century it caused many victims, Described as Arabic in Greece and German in Belgium and Greek in Turkish. It is always convenient to report the appearance of fleas to one’s neighbors.

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We must recognize that the British do not have us in their hearts. For example, what are they called “French Rain”, French shower, a A liberal sprinkling of perfumes… to hide the fact that one has not washed.

The Anglo-Saxons We also claim the paternal origin of fries, known as French fries. Since all of mankind loves these potato sticks, let’s recognize that it’s a beautiful tribute, even if the Belgians are fighting over who are the real inventors of the thing!

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