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French Taste Championship: The British attacked hard at Les Rice

French Taste Championship: The British attacked hard at Les Rice

It’s been a long time since they’ve been to a party like this. In the absence of Chris Nelmes, the team, consisting of Chris Spencer and Vince Tulhoste, but strengthened by Price Cognage, won the second round of the French La RVF Taste Championship in Les Rice, France. ‘Don.

Talented team

The backbone of the England team at the World Championships, Pascal Pitnaire, who formed the France 2021 team, is almost 10 points behind Pierre Ray and Nicolas Barold.

And since they are always a rare routine, we will announce the beautiful third placeBelgian team, Composed by Olivier Rotier, Franசois-Xavier Barcina, Laurent Godz and Dominique Christopheles.

The first 6 teams qualified for the national finals

The 45 teams from the village of Les Rice, in a village with three variants named after its famous Rose and its champagne and its champagne hills, battled hard to grab the top 6 spot, qualifying for the national finals on June 25th. ..

After a few months of winter rest, everyone will meet on March 12 at the Chatto de Gaurre for the 3rd time on Limox.

Complete classification:

1st: Vincent Dalhousie, Chris Spencer, Price Cognage
2nd: Pascal Bitnoir, Nicholas Barrald, Pierre Ray
3emes: Dominic Christophels, Laurent Godz, Olivier Rotiers, Franுவாois Xavier Barcina
4th: Clement Dumont, Antoine Azier
5th: Philip Hyde, Matthew Wirley
6th: Herv Aman, Daniel Boose, Jaya Aman, Guy Posler
7th: Eric Byzot, Jerome Labro
8th: Valentine Niro
9th: Jesse Berthelot, Mark Lignock, Hakim Miro
10th: Eric Portas, Eric Portin
11th: Didier Frosow, Patrick Moulin, Francis Griff
Classes 12: Christophe Boer, Norbert Busenett, Joel Pokrisiva, Emmanuel Olive
13th: Dominic Legion, Jean-Marc Fontaine
14th: Ronnie Zufrano, Frederick Paso, Julian Matrinal
15th: Carl Marechal, Jean-Franசois Noel, Philippe Dassault, Genevieve Latour
16th: Didier Sanchez, Eddie Gaudier, Atila Aranos, Cecil Debros Costumes
17th: Bernardo Dias, Venice Seychelles, Anne Lamarck, Martin Fonseca
18èmes: Jackie Camus, Bruno Grookney, Christopher Dodsenberg
19th: Alain Lane, Renault Nicholas, Jocelyn Nicholas
20th: Vincent Mercier, Frank Bonnet
20th: Robert Rulley, Eric Terrenne, Oliver Georges, Philip Kettlessleakers
22nd: Denise Plantin, Jean Guillo Mய்rynாக்k, Pierre Baghdad
23rd: Raymond Ruir, Jean-Michel Genot
24th: Jean-Luc Chavez
25th: Bernard Chad, Frederick Jung
25th: Theory Jeffroy, Michael Grimott
25th: Jean-Pierre Caposell, Christoph Mercant
28th: ​​Nicolas Bornier, Viani D’Aragui
28: Natalie and Oliver Munier
30th: Philip Berger, Gilles Severin, Jean-Franois Saboin
31èmes: Natalie Horhelier, Jennifer Leroy, Pierre Stongherlin
32nd: Nicholas Hestin, Simon Prio, Nicholas Remy, Pierre Mahe
33rd: Jean-Jacques Dione, Jean-Marc Guillum
33rd: Romain Cassini, Guillob Broad, Jean-Marc Mouse, Stephanie Robert
35èmes: Laurent Gibet Miguel Sennoun
35th: Romain Hervo, Julian Cornet, Vincent Godbesin, Pierre Roux
35th: Bruno Oshlin, Eric Schlord, Sandrin Coyote, Noel Pasculin
38th: Ambrose Pascal, Joseph Neron, Kislyn Ferron
39th: Eric Ceret, Rosa Valle
40èmes: David Triquette, Jean-Rene Trusset
40th: Didier Herkel, Dominic Podor, Pierre Mouk, Jeanette Gaudier
42nd: Dolphin Soulet, Pierre Yves Salier, Miguel Lopez
43rd: Didier Demortier, Ludovic Funuel
44ème: Simon Comacetto

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The wines tasted:

Vin N ° 1

Grape Variety: Chardonnay
Appeal: Champagne
Manufacturer (Chateau or Estate): Lamoureux
Cue’s name: Alexandrin
Vintage: 2014

Vin N ° 2:

Grape Variety: Savignon
Appeal: Menado Salon
Producer (Chatto or Estate): Frizo Leclerc
Cue Name: Classic
Vintage: 2020

Vin N ° 3:

Grape Variety: Savignon
Appeal: Sancerre
Manufacturer (castle or estate): Paul Briar
Cue Name: Les Monts damnés
Vintage: 2018

Vin N ° 4:

Grapes: Savignon 75% Total Mancheng 25%
Appeal: IGP quotes de Cascoque
Manufacturer (castle or estate): Domain de Bellohat
Qui’s name: Artists
Vintage: 2020

Win N ° 5:

Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Appeal: Menodo Salon
Manufacturer (castle or estate): Domain Chavez
Cue name: Close de Purecord
Vintage: 2020

Vin N ° 6:

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 67% Merlot 33%
Appeal: Margaux
Manufacturer (castle or estate): Chat Contenac Brown
Vintage: 2015

Vin N ° 7:

Grape Variety: Chira
Appeal: Côtes du Vivarais
Manufacturer (castle or estate): Domain du Pere Lyon
Cui’s name: La Baloche
Vintage: 2020

Vin N ° 8:

Grapes: Chira 70% Granache 30%
Appeal: Terrasses du Larzac
Manufacturer (Chatto or Estate): Chatto des Grease Records
Cue’s name: Onothera
Vintage: 2019

Vin N ° 9

Grapes: Chira 40% Carignan 30% Granache 20% Morvetre 10%
Appeal: Languedoc
Manufacturer (castle or estate): Chateau de Gaure
Cue’s name: To my father
Vintage: 2019

Vin N ° 10

Grape Varieties: Granache 80% Morewortre Sinsalt Cyra.
Appeal: Châteauneuf-du-pape
Manufacturer (castle or estate): Completion of the Pope’s Sermon
Cue Name: Les Chorégies
Vintage: 2016

Vin N ° 11:

Grape type: Gewurztraminer
Appeal: Alsace Grand Crew
Manufacturer (castle or estate): Albert Deer
Name of cuvée: gd cru Furstentum VV
Vintage: 2018

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Vin N ° 12

Grapes: Petite Mancheng 60% Total Mancheng 40%
Appeal: Jurançon
Producer (Satte or Estate): Lionel Osmin Klose Kankylov
Cue Name: Last Square
Vintage: 2020